Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sunday Stroke Survival: Surgery Recovery and Beyond

The baclofen pump surgery was no picnic. It will take time to fully recover and I know this. The fact that I'm living post stroke, have a bad heart, and numerous health issues further complicates healing. I'm not to bend, twist, nor lift greater than 5 lbs for at least five more weeks. I finally got the baclofen pump filled and it's working.

While abdominal implanted device is healing, the post abdominal surgical pain continues to nag me. But the good news is the spasticity pain is a very manageable 2 or 3 out of 10. Mobility of previously locked tight spasticity is lessened allowing for more easier movement. I'm hopeful that with future tweaks with the dosage that this will get better with time and therapy.

I just completed my biannual health check ups with both my PC and my cardiologists. While my PC wants to try new allergy drugs on me to see if we can get more relief for me, he doesn't want to throw a monkey wrench in the whole baclofen study. My cardiologist, on the other hand after reviewing my hospitalization reports, has changed my blood pressure and v-fib meds to PRN (as needed). This is a honeymoon period my body gives me to adjust. After my first stroke, this honeymoon lasted six months. I'm happy to report that I'm back on blood thinners again. No more playing Russian roulette with another stroke.

I have my first appointment with Emory's orthopedics on the 2nd. So the trial study begins. I really hope this orthopedist is better than the jerk I dealt with last time. Sure, this time I'm a five month nonsmoker. It's also a case of them wanting me instead of me wanting them.  It gives me a certain amount of leverage. With specialists this is always the best position to be in. At least in my point of view.

So the excitement of the possibilities are still rising. I have a future to look forward to. May my improvement strides make it easier for other stroke survivors' lot easier.  At the very least, give them options and hope. I'll gladly be the guinea pig. It can't hurt me either.

Nothing is impossible.


  1. Sounds like all the news is good. Having a good doctor is crucial.

  2. Great that you have seen so much improvement! I hope it continues to get better!

  3. Glad you are recovering and the spastic pain is much less. Keep healing!


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