Friday, December 17, 2010

A Lost Art Form

The lost art form I'm talking about is letter writing. When was the last time you wrote (pen to paper) to a friend or relative? Not texting. Not calling. Not Blogging. Nor emailing... an actual letter? Wow, even the spellchecker takes exception to the word "texting."

I looked at the difficulty my oldest child in college English and began wondering whether the impact of today's "gotta have it now" society and advanced technology has had on our children. But admittedly, I am guilty of this also because it is so convenient. The cost is less over time than postage stamps.

Unlike my adult children, I grew up in a era where if you wanted news from home you wrote letters and/or sent post cards. I wrote my grandmother, aunts,  uncles, and friends weekly. I kept a diary of events as I grew up.  Long distance phone calls were saved for emergencies. Although when in school you write to learn the rules, in actual practice it is lost in everyday life. With texting it's LOL, BTW, IMHO, and BRB...misspelled words are not a problem. Everyone seems to be able to read elbowla (writing as if you were typing with one's elbows) and thinks nothing about good penmanship or proper grammar.

My children tell me it's easier to text or talk to say what they mean than to write. Who's fault is that and what is in store for the next generation...their children. I'm seeing the signs now with some of my almost teenage grandchildren. They are sending me instant messages and text messages.

I'm trying something new this Christmas. I'm giving each grandchild a journal, at least the ones over eight years old. There are so many fast paced changes in the world today which should be documented for their memories. Although scrap booking holds memories in pictures and little blurbs about events, a journal is something that is added to over time to show a whole picture. I guess I'm just carrying on the tradition because my grandmother gave me my first journal. Occasionally, I will flip through my earlier journals to get ideas for my novels, slang for a time period, and just to reminisce.

Write something today for your tomorrows. My two cents worth.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So What's it All About?

I am a writer, author, and edtor. But in my other world I feed the body and souls of individuals. I hold a position as an executive chef and a minister. By doing so, I've been told repeatedly that I am an inspiration to others. If this blog encourages one person's smile and realize that God is in control then I've made my point. Life is experiences, adaptations, and changes. It is never stagnant nor still.

The title of this blog comes from a play on the old radio soap operas where the announcer says, "And now for the continuing saga of ..." It usually was followed by an advertisement for laundry or bath soap...thus the heritage of soap operas. The truth is stranger than fiction a lot of the times.

Believe me, I would not be worth salt as a writer if I had not been given trials and tribulations throughout my life. Even my greatest day of imagining could not come up with some of the things I've lived through. My life is like a very bad soap opera. But for this I am thankful. Thankful? Thankful??? Is it so hard to believe that someone could be thankful for situations that causes other people to break down and cry nonstop? Yes, I am. I've been accused of being Abby Normal (for those "Young Frankenstein" fans), but what is wrong with that? Not a thing. Sometimes, being abnormal is a good thing.

I prefer the handle of "a Woman of God." It is my faith which holds me up and carries throughout my days. I guess I should impart some of my trials so you will understand. I've lived in countries during revolts where thousands of people died within a few months, been raped, battered, abused, held my own dying child, care for a terminally ill husband, raised two special needs children, survived puberty of four girls, been shot, been wheel-chair bound and learned to walk again, been a drug addict and alcoholic, has a terminally ill adult child, and care giver for a 90+ year old alzheimer family member. These are just a few of my accomlishments which complicate a "normal" life. Like I said it reads like a bad soap opera.

SO stay tuned for the ongoing saga of the Murpheys where Murphy's Law and the luck of the Irish collide.