Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Won and Lost

Yep, that's right I won. No it wasn't some lucrative writing award or contest. I've  gotten the insurance to agree to pay for my Botox injections. I start the series today. I was on the maximum dose of Bacfloren was thinking about a pump system in my spine. I was decidedly groggly between that and the Valium. Not to mention pain meds which didn't even ease the pain a smidgen. Here's praying I do not have a negative reaction to the drug or that it doesn't work. I've done enough research on the subject.

I even managed to get another 2,500 written on the new manuscript, Don't Get Your Panties in a Wad. I told you this is a slow process on this manuscript. My brain keeps telling my fingers to type with ten fingers. LOL Right now I'm not seeing the humorous side of stroke recovery. Stand by...

What I've lost. I developed gross swelling and bruising which has been an ongoing concern for a couple of weeks. We're talking toes the size of Vienna sausages and fingers the size of hot dogs instead of pencil thin. I've had numerous occasions  of this kind of swelling caused by my heart when I'd go through congestive heart failure, but this was different. It's only on one side  (the paralyzed side) with no cardiac problems or breathing issues. Today is the first time I'm going in the see my neurologist,( yes she's that backed up in appointment)...three weeks wait. Of course by now the swelling is down to a dull roar this morning. My weight dropped by two pounds overnight. I weigh myself daily because of my heart issues. Anything over five pounds, it's call the cardiologist and massive doses of Lasix. I have been purposefully losing weight since my stroke to the tune of forty pounds since May. So with the weight increase just how much fluid am I really holding while my weight gained. Should be interesting.

With all the added weight in my arm I've pulled something in my shoulder.I no longer even have half the range of motion without severe pain that I had a month ago. I've also been fitted with four DynaSplints. Two for my wrist and fingers (one waking/one sleeping) and two for my elbow. They are just too heavy. Most days with the swelling and nerve pain I can't open my fingers enough to put them on even after an hour of attempted stretching. I've got two more to be deliver soon for my foot and ankle. This has been a very disheartening month. God, I hope all this money spent will show some progress. I was denied Social Security Disability.

So how has your two weeks been?

Keep writing and loving the Lord.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Don't Get Your Panties in a Wad

It's been almost three weeks since my last post! Time flies when you are not having fun. Almost as quickly as when you are having fun. I wish.

My recovery is at a stand still, almost. I've had to stop occupational therapy because of the muscle spasms and spasticity in my arm. When one stops the other kicks in making my progress take a couple steps back. It is frustrating, but on a lighter note, I am getting some writing done. Not editing though. It's just to difficult to do that yet. The same goes for formatting so if you want an e-copy of one of my books they are still available on Smashwords and other distributors other than Amazon.

One more thing on an ever growing to-do list. I ended up hiring a painter for my home, and my oldest daughter cut my grass and weed-wacked. I know my neighbors are thankful. So I've been supervising. I have progressed to a cane instead of the walker so there is some progress on the health front. The combination of doctors have now found the cause of my stroke. A small blood clot was thrown off my cardiac stent. Of course the Coumadin has dissolved any proof, but its in their learned opinion that my heart attack and subsequent stent placement six years ago came back and bit me in the butt. Who am I to argue?

Now to the title of this blog and my current work in progress. What's in a title?  I wanted something catchy. I wanted something that would make you smile. I wanted something all stroke survivors could relate to. Something which stressed not stressing the condition.

The title came from a conversation I had with my baby sister after I got back from the hospital. Going to the toilet after a stroke give a whole new meaning to the phrase. It took me almost two weeks of trying to pull my panties up one handed until I didn't get them twisted in a wad and have to ask for assistance in pulling them up.

That's after a week of learning how to wipe my own butt after a minor #2. Keep in mind I didn't have use of one leg and one arm. Now lean forward and use the hand you don't normally use to accomplish the task being careful not to lean forward too far. A video would have been better but wouldn't want to gross y'all out.

It was all about balance. That's the thing about's all about balance. If you have pain you've got to have pain free times to appreciate it. When you are struggling you've got to be able to step back and laugh at yourself.

Keep writing and loving the Lord.