Monday, April 15, 2019

It Seems Like Just Yesterday...

 It seems like yesterday I was telling you about my Baclofen pump trial. Wait a minute, it was just yesterday.What a difference 24 hours can make!

In a flurry of phone calls this morning, I am now set for the surgical implant of the baclofen pump THIS Friday!!  It's it fabulous the way God works? What I thought two weeks ago was an impossibility is now going to be a reality in a few days.

I have even better news, hold onto your hats, I'm going to be part of a spasticity study between neurology, orthopedics, and the rehab team for post stroke intervention.

Dr. Au Young, God bless him, was chatting with some colleagues from orthopedics over lunch. They were telling him about a new multidisciplinary study they were undertaking regarding post stroke spasticity. They wanted to know if he'd like to come on board. He jumped at it. He told them that not only was this a close to his heart interest that he also had the most excellent candidate for them. Of course, he was talking about me. He went on to discuss my case with them. They in turn got excited about me too.

I've been open to ANY possibility to help me recover from my strokes and the damage that they caused for almost seven years now. My first call this morning, 9AM, was from Melissa, Dr. AuYoung's assistant. She wanted to know if I wanted the pump. I told her yes. The next question was I available for surgery this week. I answered in the affirmative. She said she'd she'd pass the message along  to Dr. Au Young.

Within an hour he called me back. I could hear the excitement in his voice. He told me about the other orthopedists, the study, and what they wanted to achieve. He hoped I didn't mind him talking about my case to them. It was a clear HIPPA violation, but done for our mutual benefit. I forgave him. I told him discuss me away if it would help me regain a portion of my life. He asked me a few more questions and we hung up. Both of us thoroughly excited for the hope and the possibility.

He called back within an hour telling me that he had an opening this Friday as his first surgery. Yes, it will mean, for us, rising at 0 dark 30 to make the drive into Atlanta. Mel can just drop me off and drive home. She shouldn't run into any huge traffic snarls because the major flow should be going into Atlanta not out.

I'll be in the hospital for a few days at a minimum so I'll be spending Easter there. That's okay. Christ arose on the third day to bring hope to all mankind. I'll be spending Easter with a renewed hope of another kind. This one personally  for me. It seems kind of appropriate. The fact that it'll be done prior to my birthday, makes it even better. Now begins the rush to prepare for surgery.

Nothing is impossible.


  1. More heads are better. Enthusiastic doctors is golden. So glad you good good news.

  2. Sounds like a great news, all around! Good luck and best wishes, Jo!


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