Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Mailbox~Networking Revisted

First I wanted to respond to the many emails and comments I received regarding my rant last Saturday found here. As I have said I write my blogs in advance because that's the only way since my stroke that I can edit them properly so they make sense. Since my stroke, I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, and react abruptly and inappropriately. This, unfortunately, is part of the way the stroke has affected my mind. Sometimes it is easy to control, but others well it just comes out although I do try to temper it.

The same day my interview with, my friend, Albert Rollins at Free Book Reviews came up on his roll call. So many people were taken aback by the difference between the funny and witty J.L. Murphey that they looked me up here and other places and were greeted by my rant. Oops, my bad. Sometimes, I just reach my limit and have to vent. I forget about how many new readers I have. For this, I apologize profusely. Now onto our regularly scheduled email...

Since Wednesday's post my mailbox has been full of mail, they ranged from insulted to wanting to know more. Today, I'm going to focus on the insulted ones to respond to because it's controversial. No not really, but because it answers both views.

The ones who were insulted was about my comments on online social media. The buy-my-book ads on twitter and other social sites, I mentioned.

How could I discount them so easily? Because I can.  There are thousands of indie authors publicizing their books on these sites, but the ones who actually makes sales is the one who develops a relationship with the reader. One ad over and over again won't sell your book any better than not doing it. If anything the reader will be so tired of seeing the ad they will go out of their way to NOT buy your book.

For online promotion to work takes a lot of time on your part. Most authors are busy writing their next book. I have said being an indie author you wear a lot of hats. This is one of them. But being smart about the way you use your time saves you fruitless effort, or wasting your time and money.

Wait a minute you say, this doesn't cost me anything. I beg to differ. If you had a job, how much are you paid an hour? Keep that figure in mind. How much time are you spending on the Internet marketing your book? Three hours everyday times $7.15 (that's minimum wage here in the US) times a five day work week... $107.25 before taxes. I will guarantee you, promotion or advertising executives earn a lot more than that because I was one. Now add in your internet connection for a month divided by four (4 weeks in a month). You can break this figure down to the hour if you like. If you have a fee to belong to various sites add that in. You're using electricity (batteries do need recharging or replaced) add that in. Incidental charges like your Smart phone or computer. So did it really not  cost you anything?

Wouldn't you want to spend your money wisely? Especially, if you are trying to sell your book?
  • Most media retailers have sites in which you can publicize your book unless you make a nuisance of yourself. Sony Nook, Amazon, CreateSpace, Smashwords is on Facebook and Twitter, GoodReads all have author forums.
  • Most will let you introduce yourself, your book including back page blurb or synopsis and place a picture of the cover.
  • I know GoodReads, CreateSpace, and Amazon will let you create author pages for Q&A.
  • These are 24/7 sales people for your business.
  • You can become affiliated with sites like Romance Writers, Sisters in Crime, SciFi writers, Independent author groups, etc. I just signed on with a stroke survival group. It wasn't to promote my upcoming book, but there is a tie-in.
  • Online writer and reader groups are endless.
  • Blogging or website which offer a feedback system.
The important thing to remember when joining these groups you are making a commitment to participate. The more you participate; the more everyone gets a chance to know you. The more they know you; the more apt they are to purchase your book. You don't have to beat a friend over the head with buy-my-book.

It's building a relationship between authors and their readers or possible readers. It creates the buzz. To me, this is a better way of using money wiser.

Keep writing and loving the Lord.

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