Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Mailbox ~ How Do You Find the Time

It's Monday and time, once again, to answer your questions.

How do you find the time to write? I'm doing the best that I can raising two children, work, and go to school. I'm beat but I've tried writing my novel for five years and getting nowhere. CW

My reply...

CW, Well first off I've paid my dues by now having an empty nest, graduated college multiple times, and held several full-time jobs, some at the same time. So I don't face your type problems anymore. I face whole new time constraints. See my blog on The Schedule. I am an extremely disciplined person. Part because I had a military father and part because I have things I want to do.

I call writing my want to do thing because it is an added demand that I place on myself. For me, writing is as essential to my being as breathing. It is something I do as a coping mechanism and for personal enjoyment.

When my children were small, I knew when they would wake up so I woke up early enough to get an hour's worth of writing done. Even it was fifteen or thirty minutes, I just kept at it. Keep in mind that I had FIVE young kids and TWO full-time jobs. While I was in school, it was one full-time job, one part-time job and a full course load in school. I know it boggles your mind doesn't it?

It's all about the second line in the picture above. The WILL TO DO IT. I didn't expect to be called by a publisher for an article I wrote, but it happened. Was I up for the challenge? Nope. Would I take up the challenge or would I say, "I just don't have the time." I chose the first one which began a third career as a writer. Did I need a third career at the time? Yeah, like I needed another hole in my head.

That's one of the reasons I call myself Abby Normal. If there is sometime I choose to do- I will do it. Maybe writing your novel isn't a priority for you. Are you sure all the other things are not just excuses? How much time do you spend each day surfing the web, on Facebook and Twitter, watching television? Ah ha, you do it to decompress from all the stress in your life. Yes, I understand and I hear you.

I use my writing to decompress. I write for me and no one else but me. If someone wants to buy a copy of my books that's great. It's all about your mindset. No, I'm not throwing stones and expecting everyone be like me. They would have to be insane.

Oh, here come the men in their little white coats now! Hehehee!

Are you insane enough to be a writer too?

Keep writing and loving the Lord.


  1. I've recently given myself permission to write whenever I have the time, rather than waiting until I have a chunk of time blocked out. It's really made a difference in my productivity!

    You're right though--we're all mad here! [g]

    1. Writing is hard work, but it should also be fun. When life gets in the way, you should allow yourself to realize the doubts you have but not let them stop you.


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