Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Fun~ What I Have Been Reading

I've been behind on my reading lately. There's only so much time I can spend during my day actually reading a book. Reading has fallen by the wayside with my therapy routine, husband's care, and writing...not to mention the seemingly fifty other things I do during the day. Most evenings I carry my book or e-reader to bed with me and fall asleep without finishing a page. Gone are the days I could kick back in the tub and read. I could, but getting out of the tub would be a royal pain. I know I've tried it. I guess reading in the tub will be postponed until I get my step-in tub. <sigh>

Mostly, I've been reading chapter edits from Compuserve Books & Writer's forum, and books about stroke recovery. Neither of them I'll review here. But I want to touch on  two gems I've run across. Some of the books are self-published and well written, or traditionally published.

Rebecca Dutton's book is the one I'm reading now. Rebecca pops in here from time to time. My Last Degree is a compelling look at a occupational therapist's stroke recovery. The shoe on the other foot as it were. It's one thing to know what you know, but quite different when you experience it like she's had to. After I had my stroke, Rebecca's was the first stroke survivors blog I read. She's like me. She'll squeeze a penny until it screams for mercy.

Mark Ittleman's book, The Teaching of Talking has been an invaluable help in assisting me with my own recovery. He is also part of the Stroke Survivor Tattler's group. I read this book before I noticed it was him in the online group.  No, that's not the only reason I joined.

His "Ittle Principles" broke it down to basic information that even I, a nonspeech therapist, could understand and go, "Ah ha!" Now there are some parts that are strictly for therapists, all in all, it helped me understand how to recover my speaking skills beyond the hospital based therapy involved.

As you can tell both books deal with stroke recovery. These two were the best out of the twenty I've read or reading so far. I got anotherbook in the mail from Amazon today, "How to Conquer the World with One Hand...and an ATTITUDE" by Paul Berger. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Remember to balance work and play for a better you.

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