Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy VD Y'all

Happy Valentine's Day y'all. It's the day for love and romance. Forget about the commercialism just spend time with the ones you love.

Roses are nice, candy is sweet, and cards touch the heart. In my way of thinking, roses die, candy broadens my six-ax-handle across butt, and cards collect dust and creates clutter. It's not that I'm not a romantic at heart, but there is just too much pressure to show your love for someone on one day of the year.

Love should be shown and valued every day of the year. This year give a gift that keeps on giving...yourself and your time.

All that being said, what did I find when I woke up this morning? My DH (Darling Hubby) wrote this on the back of an envelop in red ink and placed it on my keyboard...

"Happy Valentine's Day to my Sweetheart! Love you so-o-o-o-o much. Hugs and kisses."

It wasn't signed but I know who it's from.


  1. I know, right. It was the best he could do and what more could I want?


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