Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Fun~ Intterview with Albert Rollins III

Today I bring you an interview with a book reviewer. His site here on blogspot offers reviews on books both indie authors and regularly published authors. He a huge  supporter of indie author. A supporter of Operation E-book Drop. He's got followers here, on Facebook, and twitter...he's everywhere. My friend Albert Rollins III.


Albert, you know I have some questions for you. I know your very excited about starting your book review blog up again. Almost as much as I am very happy to see you up and running again.

1. I see from your site that you promote indie authors who contribute books to soldiers and their families for free through Operation e-book drop. What is it all about and why doesn't my name show on your list?
Operation Ebook Drop was started by a former member of the Armed Services turned author. You can read more about it at if you would like to become a member or reap the rewards. As for your name on my list. I am changing the way the list is displayed and as soon as I get all the links and names you will be on there.
 JAM- I admit the last part was tacky, but I did donate over 500 copies last year to this cause.

2. Why do free book reviews? You could charge like everyone else does.
The "Indie Author" pays enough by giving me a great book.

3. What do you absolutely love to read? What do you hate?
My favorite is horror and thriller. The worst is dime store romance.

4. Have you ever considered writing a book yourself?

5. If you wrote a book, what would it be about?
The WIP I have currently is about a serial killer that keeps the eyes of his kills. He is not killing them for the reason most will think and we may find him to be a hero of sorts.

6. What's the most important thing you would tell authors about the review process.
 Be Patient

Thanks Albert for stopping by. Be sure to stop by his book review site freebookreviews dot blogspot dot com or click here.

Keep writing and loving the Lord.


  1. You rock Jo. And yes Keep Loving the Lord and write to entertain me.

  2. I'm trying Albert. Yeah, I rock n roll, but now it's rocking in a chair and rolling in a wheel chair. LOL


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