Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm Off

This week I have been juggling the IndieRecon conference online, my therapy schedule, and doctors appointments. Added to the mix- today, my DH (darling hubby) has a surgical procedure.

His pain has been increasing. He might be my caregiver, but I'm his. He's going in to have some more nerves sliced and torched to make his morphine work better. It will also weaken some of his motor functions more.

So wish us luck and we're off to the surgical center.


  1. God be with you both, Jo. {{{hugs}}} Less motor function isn't good for either of you. Just know there are good thoughts and prayers coming your way.

    1. Hi Zan Marie. Back again. He came through the procedure fine. For the first time in 5 months he was totally pain free! It lasted until an hour ago. I shot him up with some morphine and he's sleeping. I know the pain is due to the procedure by tomorrow or the next I'll be able to reduce the amount of morphine I'm giving him be about half in frequency. He's breathing better.

    2. Zan Marie, That was the major problem with the morphine was it depressed his breathing ability. With normal oxygen saturations levels below 80% with his oxygen caused enough problems. With the morphine he was hitting about 70%. This morning I was surprised to see his number back to 84%.


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