Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Fun~Television

Well as you know Last Resort has been canceled. At least that's my understanding. The last show was a bang up, utterly fantastic episode. It tied up most of the loose ends which many shows do not. I can't count how many shows have ended and left questions unanswered.

If you haven't seen it, it's worth your time. Action packed, and a happy but bittersweet end for some of the characters I'd become invested in.

If you happen to notice, I do not do spoilers. I'd rather leave you hanging.

I'm happy that Walking Dead is back. I missed it terribly while the show was on a mini break. The action is still high paced with added twists and turns along the way. Even if you are not a zombie fan, this show has a great story line.

I was a bit disheartened by the deaths of some of the main characters in the beginning of the season like T-Dog. But the new characters are adding some interesting additions to the show. If you are a graphic comic book fan, which I'm not, the comics have been around since 2003. While the story line of the show does not follow the comics exactly, there is enough correlation between the two to keep the fans happy.

Arrow is heating up again after a slump. Oliver has finally got his head screwed on straight, if it ever was, and fulfilling his promise to his father.

So what do you think...does Laurel get back together with Oliver?
This another show based on a comic book series and makes me wonder what I've been missing all these years.

Scandal keeps getting better and better. Lord knows, there is enough dirt in Washington to keep this show going indefinitely! Who has to make anything up?

Kerry Washington's character is the epitome of a Washingtonian hard ball player. With the president asking Mellie for a divorce, will she give up being a power player? I doubt it. I'm not a racist, but an interracial couple heading the most powerful nation in world? Stranger things have been known to happen.

A new show I started watching for S&Gs (stuff & giggles) is 1600 Penn. It's a hilarious take on the goings on in the big white house in the capital. It's a far different Presidential role from Independence Day for Bill Pullman. It follows the similar lines of That's My Bush and The First Family. This show makes Jimmy Carter's beer guzzling, out spoken, idiotic brother look like a MENSA genius compared to the dysfunctional family portrayed in the show.

It's all clean fun. I haven't had so many laughs except for watching America's Funniest Home Videos.

That's my Fun Friday for this week. Remember not balancing work and play makes you exhausted!

What have you done fun lately?

Keep writing and loving the Lord.


  1. So Last Resort is going...sigh. I had so wanted it to be a good show but my husband, a former Navy bubble head (sub sailor and a nuke tech to boot), thought it was just silly we never watched beyond the third episode. When the navy guys starting getting captured and killed like a bunch of little kids my husband turned the channel. Oh well.
    No Arrow is a different story. He and I enjoy that quite a bit. Don't have cable/sat TV so Walking Dead isn't on our watch list but 1600 Penn...from the blips I see on ads for it I don't think I would enjoy the stupidity. But then you never know!
    So what is my current favorite comedy? The Big Bang Theory ranks up there No. 1. Action series, I thoroughly enjoy Person of Interest and am immeshed in Elementary. The Holmes/Watson rework is good!
    I am glad this is a good Friday for you! I just finished the first part of my historical The Beautiful Woman Has Come and so I am taking this weekend off and finding some other fun stuff to do!
    Happy, happy weekend to you!

    1. Debra,
      Yeah, being a former squid's wife I can sort of relate to what your husband was saying. The last episode though was killer.

      Walking Dead is available on Netflix and you can go to during week and watch the episode.

      1600 Penn is about stupidity in spades. It strikes me like BBC's Benny Hill. Sometimes you just have to enjoy stupid.

      Elementary, I couldn't get into and I watched it from the beginning. This weekend is my #3 granddaughter's birthday so we are going to the beach. More on that next Friday.

      Happy weekend to you too.

  2. Scandal is one of those shows where you dare not blink because you'll miss something important for four episodes later. We're both obsessed with this one.

  3. I liked Last Resort, and was bummed that it was canceled. I have most of the season recorded, and I hope to catch up on it when the semester is over. Glad to hear it wraps up well. Same for Arrow--I've heard good things, and I'm a sucker for comic books, so it's a win-win for me! [g]

    1. I was sort of bummed too about Last Resort but actually where could it go for longevity?


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