Sunday, February 17, 2013

Arghhh! Ghosts!

There is something seriously wrong with the scheduling button on Blogger!

There are ghosts in the program! In looking at the programming of the schedule and times of each post, I carefully set the date and time each blog appears, but it has an AI mind of its own.

It all started with a post appearing twelve hours later. Inconvenient, but okay. Last Monday, two mailboxes appeared instead of one. Now my Sunday Stroke Survival appeared yesterday instead of today.

Now admittedly, I went around all week last week thinking it was the day before. On Thursday I though it was Friday, Friday was Saturday etc. That's what happens when you take too many muscle relaxers and the sequencing area of my brain. But in the scheduler you are looking at a physical calendar.

Right now all of this has got me paranoid and going back and checking each and every blog I've prewritten...a month's worth daily.


  1. I did wonder yesterday. I think I need to go check out my scheduled posts...Just saying... ; )

  2. Zan Marie,
    The point is I do check and double check, and now triple checking.


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