Sunday, July 25, 2021

Sunday Stroke Survival: Being Paid for Waiting

 Do you ever wish you could be paid for waiting on doctors? I sure do. No, I'm not a doctor nor play one on TV. A doctor thinks nothing about agony he/she causes while awaiting decisions being made or even having you wait in their offices for hours past your appointment times. You have nothing better to do, right?

My old cardiologist's office called me after they faxed their notes to my prospected cardiologist's office. That was four weeks ago. I've had a minor bout of congestive heart failure as 25 lbs of fluid squeezed my heart and lungs. It's a good thing I didn't throw away my Lasix after my doctor discontinued it. It's also lucky I remembered how to balance my electrolytes with that great of a fluid loss over the next three days and continue doing it while I'm waiting to get their approval for me to be their patient. I could push the matter and just go to the hospital and take pot luck of the thirty cardiologist in town. Knowing my luck, I'd get Dr. Iamgodnknowit whose the worst in town.

That goes for my choice for PCP, Endocrinologist, ENT, and Allergist too. What is wrong with these people? Is my money not good enough for them? In Cornelia, doctors said they weren't accepting new patients which is understandable. There are only 15-minute spots available in a week. Granted, my medical history is a nightmare, but don't they have student loans, huge mortgages, country club dues, and alimonies to pay? If my medical history is too much for them to feel comfortable with, tell me so I can look elsewhere. After all, I got nothing better to do than wait on them. I don't have a life worth living.

I am trying to live my life post stroke to the fullest. I've got a garden to create, a family to grocery shop and cook for, and I can think of half a dozen things I'd rather be doing instead of this waiting around. Of course, I'm doing most of those things now while waiting on them but my frustration levels are high.

This too shall pass. Breathe. And Repeat.

Nothing is impossible.


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