Sunday, May 2, 2021

It's a Go and Sooner Than I thought!

I told Mel my moving day was 43-6 months away. That's what I thought. WRONG!! Moving day is three weeks away! YIKES!

I waited and waited for daughter #3 to call me back until I finally texted her. She said her husband, God love him, said he could be free in 3 weeks. She checked her schedule and found she had the same three-day opening. So I'll be moving to Savannah in three weeks. They've got it all figured out.

The plan is the bring both girls and one significant other, plus them five adults. It's kind of overkill for the little amount of stuff I have. What I have won't even fill a 12' "Grandma's Attic" U-Haul. I've kept my "stuff" fairly simple and minimal with my move here. 

Now, I don't even have the critters and their stuff except for Lil Bit. Even she doesn't have much. At 18, she's my constant companion. I will have to pick up a litter box for her either way. She'll need new a new food and water dishes. As for a bed, she sleeps with me on her piece of fleece. She's got her brush and collar. That's all she needs or wants. So long as she can see and touch her "Mama," she's happy.

I'll be staying with them for a month. They only have a six-bedroom house with only one child at home so there is plenty of room. It will allow me to save my money and start a new month fresh in the apartment. It's still up in the air as to whether I'll stay with them permanently. We all will know after a month. Who knows, we all might like this new living arrangement. Lord knows, they won't have to cook anymore unless they want to.

Now for the packing up. Oy Vey! That's going to be the challenge. I'll be taking what I brought and bought for cooking and preserving. Mel neither needs or wants to can, process meats, nor grains so all of that will go with me too. Of course my Ulus and cutting boards, and air fryer. I've come to depend on that luxury cooking item. My mandolin and nonelectric food processor goes with me to because she's like I was pre-stroke, have knife will travel. I brought or bought them here to help one-handed me do what I needed to do, after all. Separating the kitchen will be the biggest chore besides the barn/ workshop.

I'm digging up some of the naturalized, perennial herbs (oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme, peppermint) from the garden, and planting them in pots to take with me. It's a shame I can't take more. They'll grow perfectly well on a window sill. But until we get the raised beds up at the facility, or I see what space I have for a garden at daughter #3's yard, it would be a waste. Sigh!

I'm planning on taking one of two video cameras. Who knows I mat start making videos of a senior living, post stroke how tos. It my make life a little easier for new strokees our there. Rebecca Dutton over at Home After a Stroke of showing pictures of how she does things.  She describes the process in words with the pictures. But depending on the aphasia a strokee has, that may not be enough. A video of the action allows them to start and stop a video at will. I may not be an OT like Rebecca but I've gotten pretty good at figuring out how to get things done over the past nine years. Or, start another cooking preserving channel. Or, just video personal events. It'll be nice to have one of the two we have.

The major headache with moving so quick is that I'll have to interview doctors again, but daughter #3 has lived and worked in the medical field there for ten years. She's already started the leg work since she knows most of them. She knows who is the best and worse which is a plus. I have botox, neurologist visits, cardiologist visits and tests, and endocrinologist visits and tests scheduled that have to be changed ASAP and rescheduled with the new doctors. Remember, I have -ologist-itis. Getting it all done in three weeks seems impossible, but I'll get it done, somehow. ARGH!

Nothing is impossible.


  1. Three weeks! Good thing you don't have a lot of stuff. Hope you get to have a garden again.

    1. I'll have a garden again to piffle around with even if it's only in pots.


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