Sunday, April 25, 2021

Sunday Stroke Survival: Raring to Go, But I'm in Stand-by Mode

I got a call from daughter #4, she's coming for a visit in June before they move to California. I'm happy to have her back on this side of the pond. I can't lie about that. But California??!! I guess you gotta go where the jobs are, but it's across the country. Her hubby got transferred to a NASA contract for the next few years. 

I'm excited to see her and my grandsons again.  I've missed them terribly and the three boys have grown so much! She sent me a picture of them. I can hardly believe my eyes.

I'm still waiting for daughter #3 to send me some paperwork on the senior independent living facility. If it's soon. my daughter and son-in-law can help me move to Savannah. I can't call her until after 3 PM. She's on her way to work as I type. Being the weekend, her weekend to work, she won't be able to mail it until Monday or Tuesday. If I can't move in June, I'll have to wait for a time when daughter #3 and her husband can come up to get me.

So I'm in stand-by mode as far as when exactly I'm moving. My granddaughter will be a big heap. Actually both of her girls are no slouches. They love their Grandmama and are excited about me moving back They are are already fighting about who will take Grandmama shopping first. Both are shop-oh-lics, God save me. Grandmama will only be 15 minutes away!

Meanwhile daughter #2 is busy working and living the life of a single woman for the first time ever. The empty nest syndrome hit her hard when her youngest son graduate from high school and left for technical school last summer. No graduation. No fan fare. They just mailed him his diploma. Darn, COVID. This Grandmama is pretty darn, proud of him. Heck, both of them!

Daughter #1 is MIA. She moved back to the lower 48 and has rarely been heard from since in 2020.

Today is my birthday! ~ Happy birthday to me.~ Daughter #2 texted me happy birthday on the 15th. It's been an ongoing gag between us since one year she actually thought it was my birthday and called. That was more than a dozen years ago now. Ever notice the older you get the faster the years whiz by? Good! It's not only me then. Whew! Whoever thought I'd live this long? I sure didn't and living post stroke hasn't made it easier.

Nothing is impossible.


  1. Happy birthday! Glad you will get to see your daughter and family soon. Yeah, California isn't where I'd want to move either. Hopefully you get to move in June while your daughter is visiting.

    1. Thank you Alex. Actually sooner than that. My #3 daughter and family will be here in 3 weeks to move me.


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