Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Stroke Survival: Killing Two Birds with One Stone?

How many of us sit at our desk too much? I'm raising my hand. How about you? How are you at multitasking? Can you walk and chew gum at the same time? How about walk and type?

If you have about $500 to spare then I've heard of a solution for you...
The Trek Desk. It fits over any standard treadmill. Is this cool or what?

The idea of having one of these is a great idea, but there a couple of things that hold me back from running out to purchase one with my life style.

1) The cost.
After my stroke any hope of keeping my meager nest egg flew out the window. Continuing therapy is a borrowing from Peter to pay Paul thing. Luxury items, which category this would fall in, are taboo for my budget. Yes, there is no denying the health benefits it offers, but still it doesn't produce an income so, it's not going to happen.

2) Space.
The average treadmill's dimensions are 71 x 31 x 53 inches and weighs 139 lbs. Which you have to purchase separately. (
The Trek Desk is 34x 72 inches.
It could almost be a DYI project, hmmmm
It takes up space and dedicated space too. It's not like you can slide the whole contraption under you bed or stick in in the closet when not in use.  I could see a narrower version to go across my cross trainer working better. I still have yet had the time to workout for thirty minutes on my NordicTrack. I'm also looking to downsizing my life rather than fill it up with things.

3) Dedicated time.
Now I could see use in this if all I did was sit at my desk all day, but that is not the case in my lifestyle. I'm up and down, and all around during my computer time. I may check my emails (deleting junk), read a couple and then have to go pee, empty urinals, change a diaper, cook, shop, play with the dogs, or talk to the hubby before I go back to my desk. I think the longest uninterrupted time at a stretch on my computer is 1/2 an hour. Although I will occasionally I might stream a movie or TV show, that only happens on rare occasions, but I'm still getting interruptions.

I'm out in the garden, at my spinning wheel, knitting, caring for animals or my hubby to spend too much dedicated time anywhere. I did purchase a sitting stepper off Amazon. It does help strengthen my calf muscles while I do sit. I can start and stop doing that in an instant. Every little bit helps.

I definitely have a coordination problem since my strokes. I can't talk and walk at the same time. If two things involves focus, I have difficulty. My concentration is not as bad now as when I had my strokes, but I still have difficulties accomplishing two tasks at the same time. This is what males who can't multitask must feel like. Boy, this totally sucks. Before all my male readers get up in arms about what I just said, it is a proven fact that females are better at multitasking than their male counterparts. Guys don't take it so hard. There are tons of stuff that you are better at than females. I can't think of anything right now, but don't mind me. I'm brain damaged.

Well, this is another item that goes in the folder as "It would be nice but..." for future reference. Maybe if I win the lottery...have an unknown relative pass leaving me $$millions$$... or maybe when we populate Mars. This is just my two cents on this product. If you have the space for it, the time for it, and a few hundred to spare...go for it. It sure beats sitting on your duff all day. Kill two birds with one stone. Get your exercise while surfing. Great idea, but it just isn't practical for me.

Nothing is impossible with determination.


  1. I know some people who have been churning out books while losing weight with one of these. Some of them built their own shelves.

    But I also know I couldn't do it. I'd get into my writing and slow down my feet, and--Wham!--I'd be skidding off the treadmill face down. No, thank you!


  2. I've long wanted one of these treadmill desks, but like you, the cost and space have prevented me from getting one. I think if I every try to be a full-time writer I will make the investment though, as it's so important to keep moving!


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