Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Quick update

Thanks all! 
My DH seems to be rallying this week her managed to fill a whole urinal yesterday, but that's what four kidneys will get you. Yes he has 4 kidneys. It is thought he absorb his twin en utero. His pain levels have dropped to five out of ten with the he feels more human. I bought a goat bell so I can hear him if he needs me. All he has to do is push it across the bed table and I'll hear it even when I'm outside. Yes, it's that loud. Scares the cats and dogs. Each day we take the time to live, laugh, and love every moment we can.

Our youngest is in labor with her son, Connor. In fact she's been in labor with contractions five minutes apart for over a week now. The doctor is waiting until her water breaks before doing a c-section. He giving Connor every moment he can to give the baby time to strengthen and age before delivering him. Our daughter isn't due until June 16th.

Me, I'm hanging in there. I'm still doing my dry needling with Botox injections on the 4th. Yes, I'm going to do another series of shots. There's just too much going on to even try to do without. My forward progress has stopped and am now on maintenance to stop the pain so I'm pain free. A huge blessing especially now.

Take care all.


  1. “...outside” - I can heard the goat bell from Edmonton from Georgia - I’ll assume they have no volume control !!

  2. {{{{hugs}}}} for everything, Jo!

  3. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. I have been thinking of you.

  4. Big HUGS Jo, for all you do, are doing, and going through.

    I thought I left a comment on your last post, but it must've disappeared!

    Want you to know my thoughts and prayers with you both. And you are missed!

  5. Hi Jo - I'm pleased to read your hubby is doing a little better and you can still laugh and hug and live every moment you can. I certainly hope your daughter is still safe and well and the baby being monitored. I feel for Diane and her loss ... but you take care and good to see the news that you are pain free and holding ... with thoughts - Hilary


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