Thursday, May 28, 2015


In happier times
Condolences to Diane of The Pink House on the Corner blog. Over the past three years I've blogged about her and her husband, Bob. She was his caregiver after his massive stroke. He passed into his next stage of life this morning.

Today has been a slew of emails sent back and forth between the rest of the stroke tribe. What can we do for her? Does anyone know her real last name? What is her mailing address? She just moved into a handicap remodeled house for Bob not four months ago. Anybody have her phone number? It's been over an eleven-hour conversation and will continue because we care.

The internet is great. We live our lives here (most of us). We develop friendships and some long lasting ones. That's the way it has been for me for almost thirty years. This is the main problem with virtual friends when we actually want to be there.

Through her blog, we've traveled many a hilly road together. The ups and downs, we've offered her the support of listening ears and sometimes financial help by donating on her site. We were invested in her and Bob. Isn't that what following a blog does?

Same as this blog, readers watch for updates and news. Now I realize some readers are just passers-by, but I also have readers  who truly care what is happening at the Murphey Saga household. I know I can count on them for virtual hugs and prayers. Diane was one of these. So my heart aches for her at losing her beloved. I don't truly know her pain yet, but it's coming. I've shed tears of grief and joy for the both of them today. For Bob, his pain and suffering is over. He can again laugh, speak, move, and be the Bob that was always inside of him after his stroke. For Diane, there is an out pouring sense of loss that I know she's feeling.

When I think of the two of them, in my mind plays the song by John Mellencamp, Jack and Diane, but for some reason I always substitute Jack for Bob. They were such free loving people before the stroke devastated their family. That's the way I see them.

Diane, Huggggs! I'll be there if you need to talk.


  1. Prayers for Diane and her family.
    And yes, we do really care what is happening in the Murphey Saga household.

  2. Thanks so much, Jo. I hope you got my e-mail.


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