Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Redefining Disabilities Project ~ Post #3

http://rosebfischer.com/2014/07/01/redefining-disability-an-interactive-blogging-project/ Well the sponsor of this project has shut it down for this year and will restart it in 2015. I'm going to continue blogging the answers to the questions. I really dislike starting a project, stopping, and starting it again. I still firmly believe in it.

On with the blog.
#3. What have your experiences been with medical treatment and/or therapy been like? 
For me, the doctors and therapists have been great. If they weren't, I replaced them with someone that was beneficial to me. Having a bad doctor or therapist is not conducive to healing. It might be all right in the short term, but for the long haul like my cardiologist or neurologist I want someone who is there for me and looking out for my best interests.

Recovery from a stroke or having a bum ticker means that this professional will be with you for life. If I'm constantly butting heads with that professional, what good is it doing me? What am I paying them for? Does it really make sense to pay someone to not get along with you? Pay someone who doesn't earn your trust? Why keep them in your employ? And you are employing them to do a service. Who really needs the aggravation of that?

Not me. Over the years, I've fired many a professional charged with the care of my family. I refuse to be abused, ignored, or think they are doing me a favor by seeing me. I absolutely refuse to spend hard earned bucks for it. You won't be going through the motions with me either because I will be asking questions and demanding answers. If you don't know the answer, be up front and tell me you don't know. Even if she/he is the only specialist in town, there's always another town to search for one. I've traveled from Georgia to Maryland on several occasions for such doctors for my husband.

For me, I demand nothing less than good to great experiences from my medical professionals. Even when they have bad news. Now, that doesn't mean I won't give a medical professional time to change, but there is a time limit involved. Would you hire someone who is always late for work? How about had a nasty attitude? If they never had a straight forward answer to your questions? If you had such an employee, how long would you keep paying them their $65 to $250 a hour salary? I'm just saying.

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  1. Good point. You are paying them money, and a lot at that. They should earn it and be of quality.


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