Monday, November 24, 2014

Blogfest Time~ You'll be Sorely Missed if You Stop

I read over a hundred bloggers a week between all the formats. But those I follow have person and special interest to me for various reasons. So picking just three out of the top fifty is difficult. See, I'm this eclectic sort of being. I rarely found a subject I didn't like.  (Introspective music humming) Focus, Jo, focus narrow the list down to the top ten. Who do always read when it pops up? Well that's down to twenty. Who would you really miss if they stop blogging? Okay, I've got those. The list is now down to five. But I can't decide which one. Settling for the old tried, but true Ene-meany-miny-mo. (Spell checker loved that.)

The three I would miss the most if they stopped blogging are...

Zan Marie at In the Shade of the Cherry Tree. She was the first writer I chose to follow her way back in 2009 and haven't missed a blog post since.

I first met Zan Marie over at Compuserve's Books and Writers forum. She was a strong, faith driven writer, pleasant, cheerful and kind. We've followed each other from the beginning as cheerleaders to each other bolstering each other up through good times and bad.

She is currently working on her first full length novel, only to discover she was writing three novels. Zan Marie's blog has expanded to include author interviews, and she's a member of the Women Fiction Writers Association. But most of all, I'm proud to be considered her a friend.

John Anderson at Stroke Survivor Tattler. How he found me was a mystery, but I expect it was through Rebecca @, or Dean @  is the guilty party.

John administers a blog is full of helpful information for stroke survivors like me. His collection of professional articles and eclectic bloggers helped this stroke survivor feel she was not alone. Some much worse than I and a few much better off than I am. The blogs are helpful and informative. I can't do without a weekly dose of his blog for the kernels of knowledge, tears, laughter, and hope.

He invited me to join his tribe of stroke survivors and blog in an international forum. Wow! What an honor. As if I was an expert or something other than a stroke survivor from a podunk, southern town...way south of Canada. By joining his tribe, other offers came my way for republication right of my Sunday stroke blog. Now numbering ten world wide.

Sarah Cuthill @ Furhlingskabine Micro Farms (sorry I can't figure out how to put the ulmlat symbol over the "u" in here) is relatively new to my blog reading. I've been with her a year now but she's won my respect as a blogger. Initially, I found her via YouTube for her videos on French Angora rabbits. Her down to Earth style style won me over in her videos. Yeah, I watched them all. There is a wholesomeness about her and her whole brood. From how-tos to daily living, she talks about homesteading, home schooling little Cami, her rabbits, her chicken, her goats, cooking, etc in her blog. She is witty and humorous. A little slice of life on-the-grid homesteading. Her writing style is enchanting and only an email away if I run into trouble with my fur ball. Just a little slice of life where I hope to be in five years. She's inspiring.

Now for the two that were not picked, but get an honorable mention.
Alex J. Cavanaugh who digests writing his and others, blog hops, new released books, reviews, science fiction buff, and all around good blogger who believes in paying it forward like I do.

If you haven't read his books grab them today and enjoy! Yeah, I'm a fan.

Amy Shissler @ My Cerebellar Stroke Recovery. Although this is her new blog, I started following her on her previous one that has now been deleted. She's a physical therapist who, at 30, had a hemorrhagic stroke. She has some powerful messages about stroke recovery with her grump cat humor thrown in. She is entered her third year of recovery and still in the anger stage of grieving.

That being said, she is a valuable resource. While I might be behind her by a few months as a survivor, she offers the unique perspective of a physical therapist's point of view on recovery. Agree with her, disagree with her, but I always read her.

For the other 187 bloggers I read as you post, you are a cherished addition too. Keep on blogging. I'm reading you.


  1. You picked some really great bloggers!
    Alex would be greatly missed!

  2. Thanks for the mention, JL!
    Looks like you've connected with some good friends and supporters.
    Thanks for participating in our blogfest.

  3. We would all miss Alex so much if he ever went away!

  4. Hi Jo - you have a unique set of blogging friends .. people who've provided you with support during these years ... and I'm sure would offer us insights into a 'stroked world' ... it's good we can survive, but I know it's desperately hard on many ...

    Cheers and have a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving - Hilary

  5. You've mentioned bloggers I'm completely unfamiliar with except for Alex whom everyone knows.

  6. These sound like wonderful bloggers!

  7. That's a lot of blog reading. If I read that many blogs, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to pick three, either.

  8. You picked some great boggers, and wrote some wonderful things about them.
    Of course who could NOT miss Alex?


  9. The only blogger on your list I know is Alex (who doesn't know him?). The others sound like wonderful bloggers. I'll have to go visit them.

  10. Hi Jo - Thank You! But please note the most important and the head for SSTattler is Dr. Beagle C. Cranium, FoF, P&CE.
    cheers / John A.

  11. We must find out where Alex lives, and hire a security guard to keep an eye on him, so he won't leave.

    Seriously, though, your blog sounds like you have a great support group. It was fun visiting you.

  12. Wow! Jo thanks so much! I'm humbled by that. Although it was an ischemic stroke, not hemorrhagic.

  13. Those sound like some good bloggers you've mentioned, and if course, Alex. Off to check out the rest.

  14. This looks like a very good list. Some excellent bloggers out there.

  15. Jo, I'm late to the party, but I'm blown away by your comments. Just know I see you're blog and you're spirit are key to my blogging world. Keep blogging and here's today's {{{{hugs}}}}


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