Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who Stole Baby Ruth?

Thought y'all might like a look at the drawings I've done for Who Stole Baby Ruth. It's a shame color printed books are so expensive to produce.  The images in the book are in black and white, and basic line drawings. These are not in any particular order.

 This is cover choice #1 (Left to Right) Officer nestle Crunch, Baby Ruth, and Mayor mr. Goodbar of Sweet Haven. After spending a full day figuring this one out, I was thinking that a simpler version might be better.
Chapter 7
S'Mores the Merrier

Pictured Mayor mr. Goodbar, Baby Ruth, Miss Almond Joy, Baby Ruth's teacher.
 Chapter 2

The Gang's All Here

Pictured are the members of the Reeses Pieces gang.
 Chapter 3
Snitches in Stitches

Mr. Butterfingers, as the snitch
 Chapter 4
Crunch Time
Pictured 3 Musketeers, as private detectives.
 Alternate cover - I actually like this one better than the first one. It is simpler in design and shows more detail to the faces instead of the town.

Mayor mr. Goodbar and Baby Ruth
Chapter 5
Cat-astrophes Happen

Mrs. Twix and her cat Caramelo
 Chapter 6
Time Marches to a Different Drummer

Pictured the world famous band and home town boys, the M&M's (not shown is their back-up singers, the SugarBabies).
Chapter 1
Let the Chips Fall Where They May

Pictured Officer Nestle Crunch in front of Mrs. Mars Bar's Bakery.

Now that you have an idea of some of the pictures...this is the short synopsis. The target audience is 6 to12 year-olds. Of course, many adults like it too, so I guess you could say it's for the young at heart.

Officer Nestle Crunch thought he had his hands full with the charity concert  with the hottest band, the M&M's and their backup singers, the SugarBabies, coming to town. When Mayor mr. Goodbar's daughter, Baby Ruth, is kidnapped the town of Sweet Haven will never be the same.. Will they find her in time?

As always keep writing and loving the Lord.


  1. Jo,
    They're adorable! I have a buddy who writes and illustrates her own children's books. They are picture books and she leaves some of the pages as line drawings to allow the little readers a chance to color. Of course, you're aiming of an older crowd, but I can imagine a few coloring in the pictures. ; )

  2. How fun. I used to illustrate the books I wrote and take them to show and tell in kindergarten. AS my drawing never improved I don't do that anymore.

  3. Oh it must be so much fun to illustrate the ideas in your head! I wish I could draw...


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