Monday, May 16, 2011

Changes Coming!

Well my last post had me firmly on the "pity pot" and let me tell you I was wallowing in it. But today is a new day and being pro-active is the key.  I've now added a services page to my blog. I've been giving away my creative talents for too long..ten years or more. So now to the list of phenomenal other talents (pastor, author, chef) I include book trailer video production, editorial comment and review, and manuscript formatting for self-publishers.  I came to realization I should be paid for services I do. It was a DOH! moment for me.

I am also creating a Publisher logo and imprint for All genres accepted. I'm not leaving anybody out who wants to join. Targeted start date is June 1st. I still haven't come up with a name yet. Any suggestions?

I am currently doing all new illustrations and cover art for another self-published manuscript in a totally different genre, are you surprised? It is a children's story or actually about four children stories I wrote with my grandchildren with a fifth and sixth one on the planning schedule. The first is "Who Stole Baby Ruth." This series uses characters names based on candies all out children eat too much of.  Age group is 6-12 although there have been plenty of adults who have enjoyed these books in the past. What makes this series of children's books different is that it covers issues in child friendly format which affects children. This first one covers child abduction.

Other titles in this series and publication dates are as follows. They are meant to help children and are issues my children and grandchildren have or are facing. Although I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist, or medical professional I am a parent and grandparent. These are not picture books although they do have some illustrations. They are chapter books on average four to eight chapters per book. Each book is about 25-50 pages long and will be published through CreateSpace/Amazon. These are all new revamped stories I've shared with my own grandchildren over the years. The dates mentioned at this point are for my reference and are not set in stone.

Fall 2011
“mr. Goodbar® goes to the Hospital”
How to explain to children when a parent goes into the hospital. Often they are scared and confused by when a parent goes into the hospital for surgeries and illness. I wrote this for a friend who had a three-year old daughter and she was going into the hospital for a hysterectomy.

Winter 2011
“Miss Almond Joy:®: Stepmother or Stepmonster?”
Help children get a healthy view of remarriage issues and stepchildren.

Spring 2012
“Milky Way® Gets a Divorce”
Helping children get a healthy view of divorcing parents. Children often feel that they are the cause of parents splitting up when actually it has nothing to do with them.

Summer 2012
“The M&M’s® & the SugarBabies®”
Just for fun. Thought everyone would like to see what a music road trip was like.

Fall 2012
“The Monsters Under Baby Ruth’s® Bed”
Night terrors and peaceful night’s sleep. A lot of times children fear night and darkness at bedtime.

This is not to say I will stop writing espionage suspense, southern fiction, science fiction. These are still in my love to write category. They just take longer to write, rewrite, edit, and publish.

As always keep writing and loving the Lord.

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  1. Way to go, Jo! I'm sure you will get hired. Who knows, if I *ever* finish anything...


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