Sunday, May 22, 2011

Horror of Horrors

It's been a blog fest for me this week with all the chatter about the children's book "Who Stole Baby Ruth." Thank you for the kind comments on my artwork. I'm still on schedule for a June 1st or 15th release (I haven't decided yet)

I've switched gears again, are you surprised? While I'm still hard at work on "Surviving Hank," "The Mayan Serpent" remix, creating artwork for the next in the children's series "mr. Goodbar Goes to the Hospital" I couldn't pass up the opportunity to let my creative talents get really nasty. <wicked evil grin>

A conspiracy buff tidbit came to my attention, House bill HR 465. Wait you haven't read that one yet? Let me tell you a little bit about it. It sets up refugee camps in ten states. One of them being mine in Georgia. Madison to be exact. To hear Jesse Ventura (wrestler turned governor, turn conspiracy spouter) who has visited these sites noticed the concertina wire is positioned to keep people in, not out. Hmm, sounds a little like WWII with the concentration camps to me. But how would Americans feel about that? How would you get Americans to voluntarily go to one?

I am sure you have heard through the news, social media, radio or wherever...the world was supposed to come to an end at 6PM yesterday.  Well, I'm still here and writing. Fox news broke a story from the CDC about a Zombie Apocalypse. (Yes, I know it was a hype for hurricane preparedness). All these things were running around in my head while I took a long, hot bubble bath yesterday. Yeah! down time...sort of. My mind started putting together a story. Of course, I'm a writer and that's what all writers do, right?

The whole zombie thing streaked through social media sites. "The zombies are coming!" I in fact also posted this with the CDC link. It hit a chord. My children even called me! They feared their old mother had gone off the deep end. Not that me doing shenanigans like this is anything new to them. I've been a writer for most of their lives.

Okay, so I might write horrific scenes in my adult novels, but to write horror? Never done it, and thought I never would until yesterday. I got out of the tub and sat down at my computer and laid out the premise for a story. Tentatively titled, "Zombie Apocalypse:Redemption. I got my pens and watercolors out and played with a cover. To the right is what I came up with. Bloody colored, clouded moon/sun (oooh ahhh!), streaked text, cityscape, one lonely light shining through a window, and of course, a zombie. (shivers!).

I estimate it to be a novella of about 25,000 words by the time I finish. It's was 10,000 words as of yesterday. Yes, I typed that many words yesterday and another 5,000 today so far. I'm on a roll. I am estimating.completion in about three weeks with the editing. It will only be available through I will keep you posted on this. As with my tag line at the happens.

I can hear y'all screaming, "Jo, make up your mind on what you want to write!" My answer is this.. Why? There are so many new things out there and so many genres to play with, Why not try them all if they interest you, and you can do it well? But yes, I understand. If I was still a standard published author, I'd be writing in one genre only, but the fact of the matter is I'm not.

Will I make a huge splash in any genre pond by writing this way? Nope, but little ripples in a big pond can still rock a boat. I don't relish the thought of being tied to one genre at this point of my life. My nonfiction is my nonfiction. My children's books will always be geared for children. My suspense is carried through all genres I write whether it is espionage novels with a touches of romance, & chick lit, or southern fiction with touches of romance & chick lit, or horror with touches of chick lit.

I guess if I had to be catagorized in one genre it would be chick lit now that I look at it. That's only because I am female and that's the way my mind works. All  my protagonist are female. They face insurmountable odds, and come out on top. I basically believe in happy endings so the end of any book works out this way.

Do I hope to be discovered? Not really. Do I hope to be standard published again? Possibly. Do I write for my fans? Nope, I write for me and the love of storytelling. Can I tell a story which will grip you, twist you around, and then leave you panting for more? Oh, yeah I can!

As always keep writing and loving the Lord.

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  1. Horror's never really been my genre, but I *love* your cover. The zombie melding out of the cityscape is great. Artsy and creepy all at the same time.


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