Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Word Power Wednesday on Tuesday & the Indie Author

Yes, I know it's onlyTuesday, but tomorrow I have an interview with Angel Haze scheduled so stop back on by for that too.

Yes sir-e-bob, it's that time again. Time to play Word Power Wednesday.

The word for today is...


1. a person or thing that wins;  victor.

Now whether you are a multi-published author, or a best selling author, or a regular Jo like me who stumbles along with gaining infamy, or a wanna-be...you are a winner!

I know at times it is hard to realize this fact in most of our lives. We wake up this morning, do our regular Wednesday morning rituals, and go on with our day. But as an author it's doubly hard to feel like a winner...especially if you are an indie author.

Many indie authors look at their sales daily...a huge mistake. Nothing will defeat and depress you more than your sales numbers going nowhere. I know I've been there and still there from time to time. I no longer look at sales figures daily. It's once a month tops when I download my sales worksheet from Kindle. It's an accounting thing for me. I like to know where I stand on a monthly basis.

Some food for thought on how Indie authors and standard published ones are WINNERS...
  • You are writing!
  • You finished your novel or nonfiction!
  • You edited or had your novel or nonfiction edited!
  • You published your novel or nonfiction!
  • You may sell one copy or several thousands with an indefinite shelf life!
  • You may or may not be writing another one or two or three!
These are MAJOR accomplishments in themselves. That makes you a winner over everyone else who tried and failed or just dreams of being a writer.

Here's are some more things that makes you a winner...

  • You are creative.
  • You are being proactive. (this word is for another blog)
  • You are selling your masterpieces even if you do not feel that your first adventure into self-publishing is a success.
  • You write weekly if not everyday.
  • You have learned you are not alone.
  • You have conquered your fears and taken a step forward.
  • You have outlined, character sketched, plotted and written YOUR story to the best of your ability.
So how do you feel now?
This is for all those authors and wanna-be authors out there.We, including this one, will get there. We ARE WINNERS!

 Keep writing and loving the Lord.

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