Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thank You Lisa & Computer Illiteracy

Thank you Jerzi! My interview looks fabulous! The one thing which was wrong turned out to be a old blog. I started reading through it and laughing at myself. For those of you who do not know, my old blog was started on Blogger in April 2007. It was called "A Writer's Life and Beyond."

Just like this blog it dealt with life and writing. There are some real gems in the few posts I did in six months. Today I blogged about ghosts in my machine...Here's my blog from 2007 about The Literate Computer Illiterate. I thought I'd share it with you because I honestly still feel this way about computers and blogs for the most part.

The Illiterate Computer Literate

Today, I've spent almost the whole day on this computer updating my website and reading through HTML how-to's until I'm cross-eyed. I honestly thought I was trying to do something simple in my blog space...add a button to access my disclaimer and copyright information. As a writer I always protect my rantings and ravings, and writing with my copyright. I just didn't want it to appear on the bottom of my page in tact. [this was the old Blogger format-not friendly at all!]

Well, one hour turned into two hours, into five hours and now eight hours. I've had one of those days and totally DOH! moments where my brain doesn't engage properly. Thank you Rat for all your help because you have been trying to show me the obvious and it's just not sinking in. He asked me if I was you can take dizzy in a couple of different ways...either you're nuts or the spinning around sort...I'm both at this point. I messaged him back and told him that I was a dizzy, old broad trying to some new tricks. I'm a dinosaur heading for the tar pit. Today is just adding more gray hairs to my head.

I'm not a total computer illiterate. Once upon a time, I made pretty good money as a programmer. That was back in the day, when Bill Gates said all the average home computer would ever need was 640K of memory...then he created Windows. When I first started with computers, programs were copper disks and punch cards, and computers filled an entire room. I kept up with the times when COBOL, Pascal, and even Basic came on the scene...then came the programming explosion. C, C++, C+++++++, and HTML came on the scene and were changing things faster than this old dinosaur could keep up. I do know enough HTML to get myself in trouble and actually do from time to time.

I was just beginning to run circles around Windows XP and then comes VISTA with all the bugs and patches. I just bought a refurbished laptop because it still had Windows XP on it. [wow, I didn't realize my laptop was that old!] It's not because I don't like challenges, because I do. I'm one of the original Don Quixoites tipping at windmills. Fortunately, I know when I'm licked and I call for help. When something irritates me so much I actually start yelling and hitting inanimate objects. It's time to walk away and call it a night, kick the habit, and play Scarlett O'Hara...I'll think about it tomorrow.

While I no longer maintain the other blog or an actual website other than this blog anymore, sometimes it's good to look back and remember just how far you've come or maybe not. Right now I've got my annoining oil out, my cross, and my prayer book out for this computer.
I think I'll update a few more of the old blogs for my new readers in the future.

Keep Writing and Loving the Lord

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