Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Blog Hop and Interview with Douglas Dorow

Y'all give your warmest cackles and best chain rattling for Douglas Dorow. Now you know I'm going to ask you some spooktacular Halloween questions to start.
1)      Do you want the twist was called in the song “The Monster Mash?”
Transylvania twist?
Yeah my bad, was thinking Transylvania and typed another song.
2)      What is your all-time favorite slasher weapons?
Scissor hands
Oooh yeah! Think of how many slices and dices you could do with those!
3)      What does Halloween mean to you?
Neighborhood time, time for kids to dress up and go out.
In today's society of internet everything, neighborhood time is sorely lacking.
4)      Tell me about your favorite Halloween.
In college my roommate and I put together costumes from items we got from the Salvation Army and dressed up like Chips characters Ponch and John.  We had a good time at all the parties we stopped at.
Gives a whole new meaning to recycling police, doesn't it.
5)      What’s your worst nightmare?
When I was little I afraid of monsters in the dark.
Makes me think of Monsters, Inc.

Tell me a little bit about your novel.
The Ninth District
The Federal Reserve has never been robbed.
FBI Special Agent Jack Miller, pulled into a high-profile case to mentor a new agent, finds himself in a clash with the toughest opponent of his career. The chase culminates in the bowels of the city, in the storm sewers and tunnels beneath The Ninth District Federal Reserve of Minneapolis.

Who wouldn't want to rob the Federal Reserve? Now tunnels and storm sewers sound cool.
 The Ninth District is available at:
and Nook
Tell me about Douglas Dorow
Douglas Dorow is a thriller writer from Minneapolis Minnesota, the home of many thriller/suspense writers. Is it something in the water or the long, cold winters?

Been there done that. It's one of the main reasons I moved south.

If my readers wanted to stalk you in true Halloween fashion, how would they go about doing it?

Twitter @DougDorow
Douglas Dorow Facebook author page
Blog: Thrillers R Us
Goodreads author page
Independent Author Network page

Douglas, thanks for stopping by the Murphey Saga

As always...
Keep writing and loving the Lord.

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