Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Props and Preps

I love all holidays. I decorate to the max for each and every one of them. It's all about friends, family, and who and how you spend it.

Halloween is no exception. I've draped the cobwebs, hung spiders, made gauze ghosties, and placed gravestones, practiced my make-up techniques, and shredded clothing.

Shredded clothing? Yep, well not good clothes, but hand-me-downs. T-shirt ripped, rolled in dirt and splattered with "blood," and holey blue jeans. I've got ten bags of sweets for the kiddies coming to my door. Last year, I bought six and had to run to the store for more. The extra bags are M&M's because I need food for creative thoughts.

Some of you may remember I'm performing a zombie wedding on Halloween. The whole reception is a monster motif. It should be a cool thing although most people's first reaction is shock and disgust, but if that's what the couple wants who am I to judge. Remember I make it a point not to judge others. Anyhow, I've spent hours perfecting the zombie make-up for my role as the zombie minister. No not just for the wedding, but for zombie walks later on with my book signings.

You may have noticed a few food type questions I asked visiting authors during their interviews.  So now it's time for... "Hey Ma! What's for Supper?"

In my previous life, I was a chef so the menu for this year looks something like this...severed hands on a grassy grave served on a tombstone, scattered with roasted root vegetables dug from the graveyard, brains in a petri dish with blood gravy, and for dessert...eyeballs in slime. I love playing with food. Sounds absolutely yummy, doesn't it?

Just like with writing, life is all about perception. It is what you perceive to be true in your mind and making others believe it. You knew I had to put a writing plug in here somewhere.<g>

Okay, I'll interpret to make it more appetizing. I know your stomachs are rolling at the thought of the above. How does fried chicken breasts sliced to look like hands with salsa on a bed of shredded lettuce, root vegetables (carrots, onions, parsnips, and beets) doused with olive oil and fresh Rosemary roasted until tender, mashed potatoes with reddish brown gravy (I used to do a red-eye gravy but am allergic to pork now so switched), and lime jello with Lychee nuts, maraschino cherries and a mini chocolate chips sound? It's all in fun.

In past years I've done bat wings (Terriyaki turkey wings) laying on bed of trash (Asian coleslaw), put potato salad in my brain mold, made boo-biscuits and done a blood pudding, no not real blood (red food coloring in chocolate pudding with marshmallows as clots. I've converted Shepherd's Pie into a ghostly delight with bat droppings (green peas with black food coloring), autopsy salad (just a chopped vegetable salad with a thickened red wine vinaigrette, and decomposed fingers (sugar cookies decorated like fingers).

Have a safe and horror filled Halloween. Tomorrow ends the Angel Haze Halloween blog hop and I have J. D. Stroube stopping by so stay tuned.
As always...

Keep writing and loving the Lord.


  1. JoAnn I think your blog is wonderful and I am glad that you area a christian who celegrates halloween too! Its juts pure fun for me and always has been, Any way I wanted to let you know that I named your blog for an an award on my blog, I think your great!

  2. Samantha, I look at Halloween as another reason to throw a party. LOL

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