Saturday, October 1, 2011

Interview and Halloween Fun with...Lisa McCourt Hollar

I'd like my readers to give a warm cackle and blood curdling yells of joy for my guest today, Lisa McCourt Hollar.

Lisa, thanks for stopping by today. Are you ready for some Halloween fun? I know your novel is wonderfully spooky having picked up a copy last week.

I sent out some special questions to each of the authors I'm interviewing for my blog. So, are we ready for some Halloween fun?

 1) Have you ever been in a graveyard at midnight to see who rises?
Nope. Do I look insane? I have been during the day though and the things your mind will do. I once did a wonderful job convincing the neighbor girl that teh graveyard next to where we lived, (yes, we lived next to a graveyard. One stone but lots of names) had living bodies buried and that if you were really quiet you could hear their hearts beating and feel the ground moving.  She ran home scared. So did I. Vivid imagination and very suggestive.

2) If there really was an Umbrella Corporation (Resident Evil) would you work for them?

3) If you and a friend were the last survivors of an apocalypse who would you choose to stay with you? 
My children and husband of course. Also my friends Grace, Debbie, and Lizzie. I know they would have my back. Plus I would want to have a few frienemies too, so I could trip them up if we ever had to run. Might slow the zombies down some. 
 4) Could you love a vampire?
I'm not into necrophilia. Besides, let's be serious. When the late night munchies hit, I would be nothing but a snack.

5) If someone served you batwings in gravy would you eat it?
Not in gravy. Tends to make the wings a bit too soggy. Fried though, that's is a different story.

Lisa tell us a bit about you.
I've authored several e-shorts available on kindle as well as been a contributing author in several anthologies. My current work is "Halloween Frights" which is a collection of short stories. I'm currently working on a novel titled, "The Legend of Graystone Manor."

She is being modest. I did a little search on Lisa and found these titles also by her also available on Smashwords:

"Halloween Frights" is a collection of Halloween stories and other paranormal tales. It starts with my poem, "Joe's Night Out" and includes such stories as "Happy Halloween," "Taxidermy Nightmare" and "Dolly." The collection concludes with "Vampire's Hollow."

Where can my readers pick up a copy of this spooktacular book?


And if my readers want to stalk you on a moonlit night as the werewolves howled, how would they do this?

Her blog is called "Jezri's Nightmares" Welcome to my nightmares. You can run, but you can't hide. I found it just the extra push I need when I get stumped writing. Stop on by her blog and say "boo!" Of course, it's likely to say "boo" right back at ya.

I understand you are participating in this blog hop giveaway with a copy of your novel.
Yes, if readers will go to there are instruction on how to enter.

Lisa, thank you so much for stopping by.

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