Sunday, June 27, 2021

Sunday Stroke Survival: WWMD (What Would Momma Do)

There has been much discussion over the past few months over attendance to my youngest daughter's wedding in October in Arizona.Yes, we know they've moved farther west but all the wedding planning stuff was planned and paid for before her hubby got transferred. So now everyone will be traveling for the wedding. She actually had to arrange for the week off from her new job as assistant executive pastry chef. It was one of the requirements she asked for prior to taking their 6-figure yearly salary. Yes, she's that talented and has work experience to back it up at only 35 years old. I'm a proud momma, can't you tell? 

When it came down the pike that maybe I would attend her wedding after the move to southeast Georgia, everyone was ecstatic. If I was still in north Georgia, I would not have gone.  Now the plan was for me to go. On the drive moving, I offered to pay for the round trip airfare for the four of us to Tucson for the wedding and back. Yes, I had saved that much with their help. Then, I was informed that additional person was joining us. After reviewing my financial status after the move, there was no way I could afford the extra ticket. I was stuck. I'd already made the offer. To make matters worse, every one of them was a part of the wedding party so they had to go. 

As always I prayed about it. But it wasn't a GITG (Give it to God) because I couldn't leave it alone, but had to keep fiddling and worrying about it. I even did a WWMD. My Momma was a very logical and calculating woman. Above all, she was a Christian. I went to sleep in the wee hours after checking all the sites for plane fares to no avail. The prices kept fluctuating higher over the next few days.

For the better part of last week I struggled with this. In speaking with the local kids, I found that they could afford the wedding attire, the room rates, and even the food. Finally on Thursday, WWMD broke through loud and clear. "Put your feelings aside. Do what is necessary and trust God for the rest." Although I say it was WWMD, I knew it was God breaking through all the noise and turmoil going on in my heart and mind.

I checked the site I normally did got airfare and found that the tickets and even a rental car was within my budget.  The reason for this was simple. The airline tickets was for four instead of five adults. It wasn't essential for me to go unlike the other four. The wedding could go on without the mother of the bride in attendance. Without me tagging along, it was one less... plane fare, room at the resort, formal wear that had to be bought, and seat needed in the rental vehicle. I was just the mother of the bride not the matron of honor, bridesmaid, best man. nor the groomsman/usher. 

The wedding could go on without major hiccups without me. I'll be there spiritually and virtually though. They were going to live stream the wedding and reception for those members of the family and friends that couldn't attend. I wish the kids well. And who knows, if another stimulus check happens before the wedding, I may be able to make a personal appearance. Unlikely, as that may be, still the request went heavenward and into the GITG box.

Nothing is impossible.


  1. Well Jo, on the one hand it sounds logical and reasonable, but having had my one-and-only mother-of-the-bride experience just six months ago, my heart felt a twinge of sadness for you. I know because of your faith you'll be okay either way; trust is never amiss. Even so, I'm going to pray the Lord makes a way.


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