Friday, May 25, 2012

Rest and Relaxation Friday--Well Sort Of

Today is TGIF! Yippee! Horray! Well I finished editing my competition novella for the Black Orchid Competition. Almost 18,000 words.

I read it aloud to my family group last night after dinner. Consensus was entertaining with a weird twist like most of my stories.I had them glued with one of the high speed chases in the story and an Evil Kenevil type stunt.

Either way the decision on the winner will be in December. Wish me luck.  If I lose I'll publish it myself. If I win I'm headed for NYC. It's a win-win for me either way.
  I enjoy playing with words almost if not more than I like playing with food.

If you read my Wednesday post, you'll know that I unpublished the Kindle version of "Escape from Second Eden." I'll start on the reformatting and editing this weekend. But today is Friday. I'm taking the day off from writing and letting my fast and furious working muses rest. The only thing I have on the agenda is ONE wedding for a local doctor and then I'm done. It will be the first one wedding Friday in about four months.

I plan on hitting the hay early and getting a fresh start on Saturday morning. First I have to upload my copy of "Eden" off a CD-ROM onto my new computer. Since most of my stuff is in two places still (my old office and the new one) it may take some searching. I really need to get myself organized better. But that's a project for another weekend not this one.

This weekend I'm focusing on editing and formatting. Since it is a long weekend I can't mail my entry out until Tuesday anyhow.

Keep writing and loving the Lord.

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