Friday, March 25, 2011

The Hats

I've spent the last few weeks juggling family and life like a madwoman.  I've run the gambit of wearing all my hats at various times.  I put my mother hat on when my daughter called me and told me she was four points shy of graduating from college.  She had worked hard and juggled her family, job, college, and children.  What do you say when your child cries and is heart broken because her best wasn't good enough.  I could have been flippant and said get back up on that horse and ride it, but I couldn't.  This was my child, while not actually a child but a young woman.  A very disappointed one.  I couldn't reach across the phone line and hug her...drat the distance between us.  All I could do was console her and later encourage her to try again. (Big time Momma hat)

I also faced the earthquake and tsunami in Japan knowing I had family there (The niece and cousin hat).I've had another daughter be audited by the IRS and because I was an accountant in a previous life...guess who she called. (CPA hat)Another child, I call them children but they are adults, call me in desperation because she was having problems with her algebra. (Teacher's hat).  I faced final exams in college (Student hat) which I Aced, yeah me! Prepped final exams for students (teacher hat).  My husband had a couple of medical emergencies like not breathing (Quick grab the RN/EMT hat). Another daughter dislocated her knee (RN/EMT hat). I tilled my garden for fresh herbs and veges( gardening hat). I catered two weddings, four major functions, and small dinners(chef's hat). I did four drug interventions (pastor hat).  Are you dizzy yet?

I picked up two new authors, added to the ten I already had, who need editing help and a good swift kick in the rear to keep them on track.(Editor cap). Now add in the regular everyday hats of (dishwasher, laundress, personal chef, personal shopper, correspondent, chauffeur), and we must not forget author/writer (Creative hat)...never forget the writer. Who completed the final final editing on "The Sacrificial Lamb" <pat myself on the back. yeah me!>

 As I sit here writing this blog (the blogger cap)I'm exhausted just reading the list.  There are probably a hundred hat switches I've done in March alone.  I remember the old saying that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb...I'm ready for the lamb.  So how has your month been?

As always keep writing and loving the Lord.

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  1. Oh, Jo, you are a master juggler! I don't have as many hats and mine have been a handful this month. Take care of the juggler, please. She needs a rest, don't you think. God bless you.


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