Friday, April 8, 2011

Does Absence Make the Heart Grow Fonder?

I haven't bloggered in a little while and was wondering if anyone out there missed me?  Probably not.  My readership is small.

During my absence from here I've been busy.   I was doing what authors do best...writing! 

You might note a new title on the right.  Yes, another novel up.  You might also notice that it's not my name or at least this one on the cover.  That's intentional, but it's still me.  I have the seeds for a series of southern based fictions.  It's a new genre for me.  Hence the name change.

In the past two weeks I've sold seven copies on Smashwords and Amazon in electronic format. Which is kind of amazing since the sales were not to family and friends, but total strangers.  Cool, huh?

I've been formatting the text for paperback sales.  I know who reads paperbacks anymore, right? Me, for one. I think it's my bifocals, at least that's what I'm blaming my hesistance of using my new Sony or adopting screen reading on this week. I keep tripping over the line in my vision...wait, I don't have, um, nevermind. Another excuse shot full of holes. I do know a lot of people use electronic readers and love them which is why I put my novels out in e-format first with paperback to follow. Kind of like dipping your toes in the pool to test the water temperature.

Stick with me while I juggle yet another chainsaw in life.

Keep writing and loving the Lord.


  1. Jo, I'm reading your blog! I was late to it, but my computer was being tuned up and boosted. ; ) Have to love those techs at Staples. I do want to do electronic versions of my two devotionals when I have time to figure all the stuff out at Smashwords. Was it easy to do?

  2. Yes Zan Marie I know you are. As you can see I'm trying to change my blog page and am soooo confused! LOL


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