Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years Resolutions and started a new novel

Yes, like most of you I made resolutions for the coming year. Like most of you writers it was to complete yadayadaya novel, book, article etc. For me it was to start a new novel. . Right now, the working title is "Engineering Death," but this will change.

This brings me to a subject that is near and dear to my heart. Where do the seeds of novels come from. The pat answer is from your imagination. Yes, that's true, but what spurns your imagination for the new kernel of an idea for a novel. To be honest, I sat at my computer for days surfing the net for odd and interesting news bits in an effort to jog my imagination. Nothing worked. Now understand I write all genres of fiction except romance to keep my imagination going full tilt.

The lightning struck as a remembered a conversation I had with my husband about the latest conspiracy theories. Not that we believe them...they are entertaining and stretches the "what if" factor. Then a few days later a discussion appeared in Books and Writers Forum about genetically engineered pigs.

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. I know, I know, science fiction and fantasy along these lines have been written to death, but people still read them.  If nothing else, the ideas that were popping into my head were amazing images of every fantasy/science fiction picture I'd ever seen in my life. What woud future people be like? What would be their environment? What impact of the present day bio engineering have on future generations? Then memories of the TV reality show "The Colony" popped up and the light bulb went from a 25-watt to 100-watts as I was brainstorming as fast as I could. I've spent the last twenty-four hours on an eretheral high just brainstorming out this novel.  It's a futuristic look at the long term possible effects of this new science boon. Wow! Can you tell I'm excited?

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