Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday Writerly Way ~ Why Write?

This week I'm talking about why write? I could honestly spend a month of Sundays on this one topic, but today is the last day. But I may revisit it in the future.

  •  Basically, there's a permanence to actually writing (typing) something. 
  • That's why we jot notes to ourselves. 
  • We explore our feelings. 
  • We explore other alternative ideas. 
  • We expand on what we've read.
  •  It's an innate something that makes us human.
  • A creative outlet.
  • I was here.
  • These are my thoughts.
  • For myself and for others' enjoyment.
From earliest childhood we wonder why. For parents, do we ever forget the why stage in our child's life? As we grow the why becomes what if. That's creativity blossoming. What we do with our creativity is our choice. We can hold it close or send it out to the world to be embraced or shunned.

On a side note. I've noticed a backsliding in my typing or  how my mind is working in forming words. This is new. I'm substituting "y" for "t" and "t" for "r." I'm typing some pretty weird words. Why won't my fingers behave? Anyhow back to the subject of this blog...

For all of the reasons above a writer writes. By publishing it's a big, bold sign of I was here. I did this. This was my what-if scenario. This is my story and I hope you like it (buy it).

In deep retrospect, this is why I write to say "I was here." Yes there is a deep seated need to tell stories, but in publishing them...that's the reason. Otherwise, my stories would stay forever in banker boxes in my attic. Don't get me wrong, I write because of all of the reasons mentioned in bullets.

Although I drew cartoon images quite well, I was nowhere near as talented as my mother.
But with words, I can paint images for others to feel and see. Even multiple feelings and images with just a few words.

Personally, I love the cloud images of words. Both for the colorful image it portrays but the wealth of impressions they depict. You might have noticed I use quite a few of them here. I haven't learned how to use cloud or do the images myself, but that's a challenge for another day.

I love the choices of words. The images it portrays in the mind. The word "beautiful" can put so many images in the mind depending on the reader's mind. I guess basically that's why I write.
Why do you write?
Keep writing and loving the Lord.


  1. Pretty much all of those reasons. Writing is fun, it helps me deal with emotions and work through problems, it calms me and someday I may get to share it with others.

  2. i wrote to shock i guess, when i could think and twist any story to fit my macabre ways... from as far as i could remember... as i am older i as you pointed out... just want to be remembered.

  3. I also write for those reasons. Even if most of my writing remains unpublished, though, I'm glad my children will have it. I like that sense of history.

  4. I wrote because I wanted to read a story I couldn't find anywhere else. Then I wrote in the hopes of sharing.
    I was here - I like that!

  5. Yeah all, the "I was here" gets to all of us when faced with our own mortality issues slapping us in the face.


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