Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Fun~ Movie Review: World War Z

Okay, so my downtime wasn't totally without some fun. #3 and #4 daughters and I went to see World War Z. We didn't want to fight the crowds opening weekend so we went on Monday after the opening at lunch time.
To say I was anticipating this movie was an understatement. I'd watched all the trailers and clips since they started filming it. Having read the book, I'm sorry to say I was disappointed by the film.

The high points were covered in the previews and clips. It wasn't a snoozer or boring because there was a lot of action going on. There were a couple of scenes where my paralyzed arm does that when startled in an extreme motion. I'd peg this movie more as an action adventure than a zombie movie.

Part of my problem is I always read the books before seeing the movie. I'm always destined to be disappointed by the film versions. While a picture can paint a thousand words, there are just a limit to what you can show in 120 pages of script verses the novel.The exceptions were the Harry Potter and Tolkien's Middle Earth series.

Don't get me wrong. The movie is great and the special effects are awesome. It just wasn't what I expected from reading the book.
There is a buzz going on about a sequel. But unless the sequel is more book based, I'll spend my money on the book instead of the sequel.


  1. Exactly what I said - it's more an action film than a zombie movie. It was still a good movie, just not what a lot of people were expecting. And yes, they gave away too many key scenes in the trailers.
    LOTR was definitely the exception to the book to movie rule. And I definitely preferred the movie versions.

  2. Alex, Glad I'm not alone in my view of the movie.

  3. I agree--in fact, I think I would have enjoyed the movie more had they not tried to tie it to the book.


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