Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Saunter ~ Switching Over From Google Reader

While my Saturdays are my off day from blogging except for pre-writing blog posts, today is different.

Today I will be switching all two hundred plus of y'all over to my Bloglovin' account.  That's a huge undertaking for me. Since the projected demise of Google Reader is July 1st, I don't want to lose any of y'all. I never make any decision without researching all the options. I know it's a mere pittance to some of you.

Why Bloglovin'? It seemed more user friendly than the others I looked at. Similar to Pinterest in format. So it seemed a logical choice. Most of the Google Reader substitutes had the ability to separate blogs into categories which is ideal for me reading wise.

I will be putting a "follow me" button for Bloglovin' as soon as I finish uploading all of you.

And then it's on to finish up June's postings.

Keep writing and loving the Lord.


  1. I'm using both Bloglovin' and Feedly, although Feedly is winning at the moment. There are certain blogs that don't update right away in Feedly (might be a day or two before they appear) but they show up in Bloglovin'. However, deleting unread blogs in Bloglovin' is a problem - if you have to clear out more than fifty at once, the site locks up.

  2. Since I don't use anything, I have no opinion. My blog reading is catch as catch can. Y'all enjoy the readers. I might have to check it out later. ; )

  3. Alex, Thanks for the heads up.
    Zan Marie, while I don't actually have a device to read blogs (yet), I know many of my readers do.


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