Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Mailbox ~ Nothing is Impossible

It's time again to answer your questions. This one is a carry over from several blogs the emailer discusses. This will also be copied in part on my ministry blog, Pastor Jo Says. I love a good, thought provoking debate and this one has been going on between BR and I for a month now.

You say nothing is impossible with determination and your momma's saying do or do not, it's a personal choice... I say somethings are impossible. BR

My response...
I believe that nothing is impossible with determination. That is the basis of my life. I have overcome some pretty, awful things in my life, but thinking outside the box and the will to do whatever it took to accomplish the goal. Whether it meant going without sleep, juggling schedules like a mad woman, many sacrifices along the way, or even admitting I can't do it right now.

My momma always said you have a choice to do or don't. Basically, it's true. We make multiple decisions to do or don't during the day. Some are minor dos and don'ts and some are major. But it is always our choice. Granted sometimes choices are thrust upon us and there is no choice. No other logical choice, but again this is an educated choice where we weigh options even if there is no other option to balance the equation.

I always loved writing. Publishing not so much, but others were interested in what I had to say or it would help others so I published. When doctors told me I'd never walk unassisted, my response was watch me. I had children that depended on me and a life to get back to.

Now nothing is truly the way it was after an event. How could it be? Our lives are molded and created by the events that happened previously. We as human beings adapt, learn, and go on. That's where the determination comes in. The will to persevere despite to odds. To make changes to our lifestyles and go on.

Everything in life is about adaptation to choices I make good or bad. My future depends on the choices I make today. Can I accept defeat? Yep, I can, but not without continuing to try to do what my goal is. I'll admit that something the mountain is huge cliffs that seem insurmountable. But if you look closer there are chinks in that cliff that you mat get a finger or toe hold in it to move upwards. I'll take that little chink over smooth glass anytime.

So do you believe in nothing is impossible 
with determination?
Keep writing and loving the Lord.


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