Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Mailbox ~ Why Do You Write?

It's time to answer your questions. This is probably the easiest and hardest question to answer that I've run across lately. Honestly I've been asking myself the same question of late with my period of nonwriting.

From your blog, I read about the difficulties in writing...why do you write? TR

My response...
Well TR, I dunno anymore. That's the honest answer for where I am writing wise right now. I used to say it was as important as breathing to me and something I have to do. Today my focus is on stroke recovery so my writing is rebuilding cognitive functions in my brain.

Creative writing is so much a brain thing, in as much as a talent thing. The challenges of creative writing with brain damage is almost insurmountable. I say almost because I believe nothing is impossible if you really want to do it. It can be impossible right now, but doable in the future. So now in this time at the place I'm at now, I'm questioning why I write or even try to. Is it really THAT important for me to write books anymore? It would be so easy to give up and say that the past is the past.

But I'm basically not wired to give up. I believe anything is possible with determination, creative thinking, and just plain hard work. I still believe deep down inside that writing is like breathing and something I have to do. I've just got to figure out a new way of accomplishing this goal. It's the little bumps in the road that make life's journey interesting.

What is the reason you write?
Keep writing and loving the Lord.


  1. You know, that is a good answer. I think we write for different reasons at different times in our life. And not giving up will keep us going!

  2. Thanks E.D. I thought so but that answer has led to a month long debate. Go figure.

  3. At different times it means something different. Ultimately it's a creativity outlet, and for some, can be filled many ways.

  4. The reason is different at different times in our lives.
    But I'm expecting to edit that Panties book, so you *have* to write the thing. ; )

  5. I think it's important not to give up, even when things are extremely difficult to accomplish. We should all strive to do what makes us happy and fulfilled.

  6. Alex and Zan Marie- I agree. And Zan Marie I am writing it. 200 words today.

    Deanie self fulfillment and happiness are different to all.

  7. I don't remember a time when I didn't want to write. Writing makes me happy.

  8. Jo, to answer your question: what is the reason I write? Well, to keep me sane. To keep from from jumping off a bridge! ha!

    I have to write, if I don't, it's a sort of dying inside. I cannot not write. Or I will go crazy. It's a strange ingrained urge. A necessary thing. Even if I just write poems to stash in the closet.

    Writers write. That's what they do. I have always written, since 7 years old! even if just in journals/diaries, cause it's part of my soul, and, like you said, it's like breathing... and if you can't breathe, then you suffocate.

    And also when you put your writing out there, like on the internet or a published book, it's a sort of way to tell the world you are here! and then you are not so alone and it is, mostly, a reaching out to others who may feel exactly like you do. And therefore, your life and thoughts and sufferings are not for not. And if you put it out there, like on my blog, and you get comments, etc. well... it nourishes the soul.

    I'm sure you understand.

    Anyway, that's why I write. I have too.

    You keep writing too!

  9. Your reasons for doing it may change, but the constant is that you continue to write. A good thing, in my opinion. :)

  10. Dana- good reason.
    Diane-That pretty much sums it up for me too.
    Lara- while I may stray from publishing from time to time, I still write.

  11. Hi JL .. I wrote about things that interested me, also that would interest my mother when she was bedridden and stroked, that would interest my uncle as he was ill too - both intelligent .. then realised I was educating me ... while at the same time I realised I was writing articles that people seemed to enjoy - unique takes on life, history etc - whatever takes my fancy or is appropriate - as today's will be .. the Coronation, when I get to write it ..

    Cheers Hilary

  12. Hilary,
    A mind is a sad thing to waste when the body is damaged. Often the mind is forgotten by are a rare breed.


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