Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday Sauntering Scenes as We Say So Long to 2012

As the year 2012 winds down to a close, I look back at what has done and left undone. We wave bye bye to another year. Those things left undone or presently unrealized are probably at the top of the list for 2013.

In any case just what have I accomplished in 2012 retrospectively...

1) I survived by breathing in and out each day. Although sometimes, I did not want to. No I'm not suicidal, but life has a way of getting the better of me at times.

2) I wrote various books and published them in 2011-2012. Granted it was self-published titles which makes the author journey ten times harder with all the hats you have to wear, but I'm still glad I made the journey. I've learned a lot over the past two years. My novels and nonfictions are still selling well in spite of my lack of advertising for seven months.

I didn't get the e-versions of my books edited for Kindle. I did not get Zombie Apocalypse: Travelers rewritten and published. I did not get The Mayan Serpent edited and published. I did not get Surviving Hank edited and published. Those will have to wait until 2013. When I get the use back of my elbow and wrist, I'll attempt illustrating the Sweet Haven Children's Series. But all that will have to wait until 2013 or 2014. No, I'm not being hard on myself. Nobody expected me to have a stroke mid-year including me.

3) Although he's made some downhill slides, my beloved is still with me. We've had a tough twelve years with his battles with his heart and lung illnesses, and his cancer. I would not trade a second of the struggle for his survival with the alternative.

4) I've blogged fairly consistently, except for my time in the hospital, this year and hopefully can stick to this new schedule in 2013. My following has grown by leaps and bounds, although I only show two on the sidebar. Readership is up with more and more comments either here or in e-mails.

5)  We managed to live on our own despite my having a fairly devastating stroke half way through the year. For the first few months, we will be forever grateful for our children's help while we got everything situated. While I'm still on the mend, life is adjusting around my new disability. I am gaining strength every day. My arm is temporary dead, but with time I expect it to gain functionality. So long as I remember to breathe in and out to hold the frustration at bay.

6) The economy still sucks lemons, but I hope to return to my ministry work by February for at least one event. I have scheduled a wedding for a family friend who is marrying the love of her life. Speech slurring and monotone voice aside, she doesn't want anyone else to marry them. God bless 'em. They have both been going through my pre-marital counseling course. When I will return fully to active duty, I'm not sure yet. The courts still call me three times a week to check on me. It's good to be missed. Whether I will do any more weddings, counseling, or other ministry work in 2013 will depend on my therapies and my progress.

Looking back over 2012, it really has been a pretty good year. The last six months have been a challenge, but not enough of a challenge to leave me faithless and forlorn. We have been truly blessed in spite of the roller coaster ride through Hades.

So looking back, how has your year been?

Keep writing and loving the Lord.

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