Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Mailbox~ Quoting moi?

It's Monday so it's time to visit Tilda the mailbox.

Today's question is...

Do уou mind іf Ӏ quote a few of your posts as long аs I provіde credit and ѕources bасk to your weblog?

No, I don't mind if you quote me, but there are some stipulations to using any part of my blog.
  1. Ask- which you did.
  2. Refer back to my blog- which you said you would.
  3. Use my name- which you said you would.
  4. The website you wish to quote me on is NOT used on a pornography or sexually orientated unless it is  erotica writing- which you did not specify.
  5. It is NOT quoting parts of my books or novels which may appear here- which you did not specify.
  6. I want prior approval of which quote you use and the context in which it used- which you did not supply.
Those are my only stipulations. I'm pretty easy when it comes to quoting me. Since my name is a brand name, it's only logical to request certain things before quoting me. I don't want it to used in a negative light. The pornography stipulation is a personal one because of my ministry work and I would rather not be linked to those sites.

Keep writing and loving the Lord.

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