Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Fun~ Review of "Stake Land"

Stake Land
 2010  98 minutes
Danielle Harris, Kelly McGillis, Connor Paolo, Michael Cerveris, Bonnie Dennison, Chance Kelly, Sean Nelson, Nick Damici, Adam Scarimbolo, Marianne Hagan
Vampires, Horror 
This genre-bending thriller combines vampires, religious fanatics and post-apocalyptic horrors with a coming-of-age tale that finds drifter Mister (Nick Damici) training young Martin (Connor Paolo) to survive the nightmare that has become America as they journey to New Eden. While they combat the mutated bloodsuckers and vicious humans seeking to rule the land, Mister and Martin rescue other wanderers and become a tightly knit family of warriors.
My grade:
"B" for content
"A" for the acting
"Maybe" for watching it again

Okay, I'm back into horror this week. I know I',m way behind the times this movie has been out for a few years. I actually misread the title when I first looked at it. I was wondering what does skating have to do with vampires? LOL Anyhow, what drew me in was the post-apocalyptic premise more than actual vampires. I don't necessarily consider myself a vampire fan. I'm more into zombies. After all, that's what I write.

For a vampire movie it wasn't half bad. Enough gore to hold my interest. No real make-me-want-to-pee-my-pants shocks. Good action sequences. The story line was interesting. I loved the unexpected changes of attitude in the character of Mister. All the characters were believable. I became invested in what happened within the family group. The mysterious Mister appeared in the beginning and disappeared in the same  way at the end leaving the watcher to wonder what happened to him.
All in all, a decent movie for vampire fans or not. But it's one of those movies, if you've seen it's enough.


  1. You need to find this for your Christmas viewing pleasure.
    Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale is a 2010 Finnish fantasy horror film directed by Jalmari Helander about people living near the Korvatunturi mountain who discover the secret behind Santa Claus.

  2. Cool Dean, I'll look for it. I'm not 100% horror fan, but I do like a good movie.I watch and read horror so I can see what else is out there in one of the fiction genres I write in.


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