Thursday, December 6, 2012

You Might of Noticed

I have started my 2013 blog writing schedule early.

I needed to work on the proposed schedule to make sure 1) I could write it, 2) it wouldn't be too taxing on energy resources, 3) practice writing sentences.
I did this purposely. I need the cognitive practice. I'm finding just writing the new nonfiction, Don't Get Your Panties in a Wad, was too scattered. If you've been following my blog, you've noticed I've complained bitterly about my loss of this particular cognitive function in writing.

Blog writing is the way I've chosen to relearn this skill. I practice my spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and staying on task skills this way. It's a mental exercise besides word games that I've played far too much of lately. As one of my many challenges recovering from my stroke, has been the "dyslexic ADD" that has affected my mind. It has basically affected the way I live and work the strongest...besides typing one-handed and the aphasia.

I have to say that the impact of aphasia is lifting or not as noticeable. I read each of my to blogs aloud to my husband before I publish them as well as new tidbits. There aren't too many times now that my deaf husband asked me to repeat what I said because he couldn't read my lips properly. So that's definite improvement. Unless, I'm tired or drugs slur my speech, I talk almost clearly. It's still a monotone voice, but I am able to now raise my voice a few levels higher to an almost shout. The baby monitor still come in handy between rooms.

I still have yet to take up my ministry again. I just don't have confidence in my voice. I was such an animated speaker before. Yeah, I'm one of those people who used their entire body to speak. It still takes me a while to find the right words to say. Anyhow that's on the slate for the new a lot of other things.

So bear with me in this exercise towards a new normalcy.

Keep Writing and loving the Lord.


  1. I noticed you were posting more and I'm glad. Practice is what we all have to do, but, Jo, you take it to a whole new level that is inspiring.

  2. I try Zan Marie. As many times as I have to hit save and preview to post one blog, I wonder sometimes. It's just like backspacing and deleting. I'm really trying to get the old Jo back especially my mind. Thanks!


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