Saturday, December 15, 2012

I Know it's Saturday, But I Had to Share

I had to share!

Years ago, I was a disabilities coordinator for a local college before ADA was enacted in the US. At the time, only 504 was in effect and while it addressed handicapped issues for learning and some access issues, it wasn't geared for the general population. The college was trying to be sensitive to the needs of the handicapped. I had the audacity to suggest that certain members of the faculty and student counsel go around campus in wheelchairs, arm canes, blindfolded, and other impairments. It was rejected because it would create too much hardship even though it was for one day. lol

This film would have helped. It is shown in two parts. It shows what it would be like if the shoe was on the other foot.

As it was I did have them place ramps to be more accessible, and books on tape for several visually impaired students. I still felt there could have been so much more I could have done for awareness. You see, my stroke wasn't the first disability issues that I've faced. I was officially disabled at 27 years old with four children (8, 6, 2, & 3 months) and fought my way back to "normal." Or, the new normal for me.

So speed ahead thirty odd years, and I find myself fighting again for a new "normal" again.  This time there are no young children running around the house and the disability is not my back and legs, but an entire right side.

I found this youtube first on the Stroke Survivor Tattler. Interesting site whether you've had a stroke or not.

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