Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Mailbox ~ You're a Published Author?

It's Monday and time to answer your questions. Today's email is decidedly not a good one, but a common question.

You say you're a published author, but I've never heard of you and can't find a reference of your previously published books. Why is that? VR

My response...

It depends on what you've read, what it pertains to and in the circles you follow. I haven't always wrote fiction. I started my publishing career in nonfiction. Do you have any interest in Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis? Arthritis in general? Physical therapy with children? Medical text? Dissertations? Medical Abstracts? Computer languages, now ancient and no longer used? Coding Manuals? Textbook collaborations?

No? Then no wonder you don't know me as an author because that's what I wrote and published. Nonfiction is very specifically geared to a set audience and not the general population. Added to this almost all of my previous work are now out of print. Most were before computers came into play with search engines. I also did not write them under this name which makes finding me nearly impossible. No, I'm not being coy about not using my other publishing name. I do not want my publisher name to be tied to my indie author blog.

Still I am a multi-published author. I do know the ropes of publishing, contracts, deadlines, royalties, and agents. As far as being an indie published author, I'm still learning as I go. There are some things that I know to be true, while others are a trial and error situation.

I hope this answers your question.

Keep writing and loving the Lord.


  1. I'll stay self pubbed for the time being. But my next book due out next year I will once again try for a mid sized publisher.

  2. Stephen,
    I've never published with a mid-size publisher before. What are the advantages?

  3. So true! If they don't read our genre, then they don't know us.

  4. My sister self-publishes and claims I'm the only "published" author she knows. Doesn't mention that one is a work-for-hire history coffee-table book and the other is a for-hire interpreting EKG booklet self-published by my employer. And dozens of technical users' manuals and training manuals. So, I actually don't consider myself "published." Trying to get my fiction for years was overwhelmingly discouraging - and I don't discourage easily. That would've made me a "published" author, in my mind.

  5. They're many different genres. There will always be a writer you don't know immediately.

  6. Alex- yep that's for sure.

    Barb- Your sister works doubly hard as an indie than you do with your publisher's contract. Both of you are published authors. You have books in print. Why don't you self publish your fiction work?

    Sheens-Kay, so true. Even people that meet me in person don't know me. At a high school class reunion when I mention that I'm a published author and mention a name..."Oh! That's you?"

  7. I spent 18 years writing for a newsletter that went out to 10,000 people around the U.S. and the world. Nobody outside the subscribers will ever them... So, you're absolutely right. Just because a person hasn't seen your name in print doesn't mean you aren't a published writer.


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