Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Mailbox ~ Comments from the Blitz

I know y'all are probably tired of hearing about the Blitz blog and my being blitzed, but while I joined to support DL Hammon, I really didn't expect the overwhelming feeling that goes along with being Blitzed. To finish this topic off I wanted to touch on a few comments made.
  • Awe- Quite a few commenter mentioned being in awe of me. I'm just me. You can't spend as many decades, well over half a century, as I have on this Earth and not learn a few things by the journey. I don't write my blog to instill awe in anyone. Just to encourage others.
  • Inspiration- A vast number of you commented about me being an inspiration. The quick and easy answer is- isn't that what a good pastor does, but it's deeper than that. I was this way before I became an ordained minister. Yes, I have a story which I've only scratched the surface of in the blog, but so do you. We all have stories to tell. Some are are more "Oh my goodness!" than others but we all have a story. My blog is just to let others know "You are not alone."
  • Speed Bumps- My speed bumps in life are always retrospectives. I guarantee you while facing those mountains there were many times I wanted to give up but couldn't. Just like you. Wouldn't it be easier to be the victim, yes, but is that any way to go through life?
  • Attitude- My attitude comes from living life on a roller coaster. Everyone has ups and downs. I just prefer to be proactive. I just refuse to have a life that I didn't order. Yeah, I'm stubborn, mule headed, and down right cantankerous at times. I prefer to be the pusher instead of the pushed. That way I'm always on top. I stand on the rock of Christ and though I may sway and almost lose my footing, I don't fall. It's a lifestyle decision. I could sit around everyday and cry but I'd rather conquer and laugh.
  • Prenotice of being Blitzed- No, I didn't have prenotice that I was being Blitzed but being proactive in all things armed me by a few comments overnight that I was the blitzee that day. So I thought I'd write about the Blitz since it wasn't a usual blog day.
Again, thank you for the comments and following. It happened after a really low couple of months here at the Murphey Saga household. I appreciate it all the more.

A couple things to note about the blog hops you choose. As you can see from my recent blitz of comments during Blitz Blog, promotion in writing is all about exposure to new readers and publicity as a writer this is of paramount importance. I hit 121 followers via Google Friends with my one time up at bat during this Blitz that equates to 40 new readers reading this blog from a minimal effort on my part. My name is read by all participants when I comment on their sites that can be linked back to me. An arrow does have two sharp sides.

Most blog hops are a flood over a short period of time. Haphazard at best for obtaining followers. This blog hop and the Indelibles Indie Life are the type of of in your face in bursts rather than beating you over the head without mercy. You can make an informed choice over time whether you want to follow the poster or not. On average it takes twenty exposures to make a decision for the majority of folks. Which would you prefer a slow burn that gives warmth continually on a cold night, or a flash fire,  intense warmth for a short time.  I choose the slow burn.

Keep writing and loving the Lord.


  1. Glad you picked up so many new followers!
    That's what I like about the IWSG. Members have time to get to know one another.

  2. i am in awe of you, you have been up you have been down.. you are always you. lots of you's in that statement, but it's true you move forward that should be commended.

    and you are up for September 24, 2013

  3. Definitely a slow burn. I also got a great follower jolt through the A-Z Challenge myself so I'm glad the blitz did good for you. Your story is inspiring and it's because of the blitz that I discovered your blog and I'm now a regular reader.


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