Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Mailbox ~ Brain Farts

After weeks in a slump, humor saves me once again with this pared down email. A humorous look at a fact of life. It's time to answer your questions?

You say it so often in real life and here... what is a brain fart? AJ

My reply...
I can't remember when I first heard the term, it must have been brought home by one of my children. If all else fails - blame the kids. It certainly was not used among my circle of friend until I started using it constantly. It falls in line with CRAFT (can't remember a freaking thing). It when during a conversation or action when you mind goes blank and you can't remember stuff. For example, you walk into a room and forget why you went in there.

CRAFT is usually age specific. A condition that hits elderly folks like me. But brain farts can occur at any age. It can occur at any time or place. It often occurs without warning... just like regular passage of bodily gas. It can be silent and deadly too! Unlike blowing off steam to vent anger that is done with forethought. It just happens.

Do you admit your brain farts? Or do you hold true to the adage- Thou who smelt it must have dealt it?

Keep writing and loving the Lord.


  1. Mental lapses happen! And the older you get, the more frequently they occur.

  2. Happens to me all the time! My students really get a kick out of it :)

  3. Oh, yes! Brain farts and I have a long relationship. ; )

  4. They happen to me all the time. My kids think it's funny. :)

    Thanks for stopping by today. Have a nice Tuesday.


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