Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Fun ~ Downtime

In lieu of a post about having fun, I'm taking some downtime. I've had a busy few weeks of contractors and family. Now I'm just exhausted. So I'm taking some time off to sleep, read, or do whatever my tells me to do.

I finally stopped my OT appointments. The Botox has worn off until the next series of shots scheduled later this month.

I'm actually going to spend the majority of time today with my brace off, lying in the bed with a very good book, Letters to Zerky. Review to follow in the next couple weeks.

Have fun in my place today.


  1. you have earned it, so please... enjoy, relax...

  2. Hi Jo .. good to see you taking some time out - your body needs to heal.

    We'll be here .. enjoy the rest, read and recuperative time ..

    Thanks for all your visits - cheers Hilary

  3. Thanks y'all. It's been a rainy two days on top of it with warmer weather, and a metal roof all I want to do is snooze.


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