Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday Turmoil ~ Not Us This Time

Early therapy day for me, but felt I had to comment.

I was browsing my blog roll yesterday and ran across a humorous post by Joe Konrath. Is print books dying? Really? Will e-readers replace physical books? Yeah, I do read most of my 100+ blogs that I follow although I may not comment or else why would I follow them?

I hope not. Granted e-reading is easier for me right now, but there is something about having a physical book that appeals to me. Granted they take space and are expensive when new. But aren't some books worth it?
Now granted the two things I mentioned are of paramount importance with the current down sizing trend and the economy being what it is, but still the idea of never reading without a video screen is depressing to me.

Maybe I'm a dinosaur and in the minority, but I like physical books. I will say that recently because of health issues, I tend to read more e-books now than physical paper books. But then, I still have LPs, 8-tracks, and reel-to-reel movies I enjoy. The quality is better on the newer versions of these production, but not every one is available on the newer formats.

Don't get me wrong. I've always been pro-innovation. I'm a techno geek, but I, like everyone else, have my preferences. I want choices. In today's economy and for right now, living on a fixed income cheaper is better. Authors upload their works for cheaper than the publishing houses and that makes sense to me too. If the price was more reasonable. I'd be more apt to buy the publishing house version of their e-books. If e-books had all started out at the price of paperback versions, they might have had a chance in my mind. But given the choice between the e-book and paperback, paperback will win in most cases.

The deciding factor is the material. If the book is something I will want to read more than once, I'll splurge and buy the paperback. If it's something that I'll refer to repeatedly, I'll buy the hard bound version. There have been times that I will read an e-version,  go back and buy the book book version, but that has to be something really special. E-books give me that option. After all with any technological advancement, there will be changes and batteries involved, screens that crack, or even die.

A physical book is mine forever. That's my two cents worth  and in today's economy, I'm squeezing it into a quarter.


  1. I used to buy lots of book but not any more. I borrow books from my library which is half a mile from my house. Occasionally I ove a book so much that I buy it, but that is rare. Ironically I can't make final edits on a screen. I need to see a hard copy of what I have written to detect small errors and poor transitions.

    1. Rebecca,
      My favorite haunt while growing up (when I lived in the US) was my grandmother's library. I still love libraries today. My second favorite haunt is a book store or used book store.

      I have to print a hard copy and line edit text. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Even when it's someone else's work.

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