Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Fun ~ My Blog/My Friend

Can you have fun writing a blog? I do. This blog and my other one have become cherished friends over the past year. How sick is that? Whew! I finally got that off my chest.

Yes, I've put a lot of time here too and in reading other people's blogs. I've learned a lot, comforted others, and interacted with others.

Am I becoming a geek? Honestly, I've always been one. I was the person in grade or high school you went to for help. This carried on through college every time I went back. I was the first on my block to buy a $600 VCR back when they cost that much. The first to buy a home computer and learned old programming languages to write my own programs. One of the first to get a dedicated phone line for the internet among my friends.

I've met a lot of people that I'll probably never met in person in real time via the internet. In fact, I met one person that I've chatted with for decades via the net just two years ago. We met halfway between NYC and Georgia which was Washington D.C. I was going to be at NIH in Bethesda anyhow.

Our children grew up with their cyber-buddies too. They helped each other with problems and day to day issues all via emails and an occasional phone call.. When we were getting ready for our first meeting my friend and I realized we had no idea what we looked like. Our children had passed pictures back and forth but we never had. It wasn't important to us. When we met it was, "Lisa?" "Jo?"

Over the years cyber-friends take the place of real life friends if you let it. I could be reclusive. Most geeks are but I'm not. I realize that even this blog has a way of reaching people I may never meet, but would love to. I'm different than a lot of geeks. I am a people person too. I enjoy all types of interaction by whatever means possible.

I've always said I've never met a stranger. I get that trait from my Dad. In later years it became, a stranger is someone you haven't met yet. I still firmly believe that. It's the advice I give people who afraid of strangers. Once you meet them they are not strangers anymore, but of course they can be stranger than you. Stranger than you maybe, but not me. I'm the queen of Abby Normal. All hail the queen. (pulled these lines from my ancient blog now defunct without additional input)

But is it fun? For me, yes! I love to write. Blogging equals writing. Okay not many blogs are word intensive like mine. But hey, I'm a writer. I make a living with words. I enjoy talking to people. Even though I can't talk clearly anymore, I can still talk this way. It's a form of communication.

Those that have met me in person will tell you I always have a story to tell. It's a good thing I'm a storyteller and writer. I don't think there's a incident borne by man I don't have a story about or couldn't make one up for any given situation. There's very few times I don't have anything to say.

So here's a toast to all friends met and unmet,
To friends cyber and real,
To fun and having fun,
 To writing and writers,
To readers of fairy tales and their authors.
And to all of you...
be you young or young at heart,
be you healthy or infirmed,
be you beautiful or two grocery bags ugly.
This blog is for you.

Keep writing and loving the Lord


  1. Thanks Sara! You're one of those friends. You've been here since the beginning of this blog.

  2. Hi JL .. just come along - I do love the camaraderie of blogging - and am so glad I'm one of many participants - yet select few I know .. and relate to ... this is a great corner to be in ..

    Just at the moment could do with some techie help - but I shall find someone on this side of the pond sometime ... or work it out slowly myself!

    Cheers Hilary

    1. Hilary, Thanks! I couldn't swim that far to help you.

  3. A toast to you as well, Jo!

  4. Hey, Cyber-Buddy Jo!
    At least I'm in the same state and maybe I'll come your way sometime. I'll let you know if we make it back to the coast. ; )

    1. Zan Narie, Tes we are! I may head up north to see you too. You can never tell.

  5. I love your blog Jo and am lucky that I can count you as one of my best friends though we've never met.

  6. You're the second blogger/writer friend this week to reminisce about beginning to blog and list all the great things that have come from it. I love blogging too, and am happy to have "met" so many people!

    1. Deniz,
      No I refuse to be #2. I wrote mine a month ago. It only published Friday. :P That makes me #1.I'd blog even if nobody read or responded to it, but luckily they have.

  7. Reminds me of a story. I overheard one student tell another, "You know there really isn't a Tooth Fairy." Then an argument ensued. They came to me and the doubter piped up and asked me, " Huh Teacher there isn't a Tooth Fairy because no one has ever seen her." I responded, "Well honey, I've never seen the rainforest, but I know it's there." I guess that's what bloggy friends are like dontcha think?

    1. Yep. Internet friends are those that you know are out there, but haven't physically seen them.


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