Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Saunter ~ Blogger/Blogspot

Here on Blogger, in the overview section, is a heading called "Spam." I virtually ignored it up until now.

I knew it caught most of the "Anonymous" and link added comments that appear in my email account for this blog.  Although a few have been posted and subsequently deleted by me. This is a neat feature on this site. It allows me to be Captcha and "prior approval" free on this blog with a minimum of effort on my part.

That's a huge benefit for folks like me who are typing one-handed, with a "dyslexic/ADD" and poor vision. My stroke left me with two blood dots in my field of vision in my left eye when looking at light colored things. Don't worry the opthamologist says these will minimize with time. With the Captcha, I often find myself hitting the reload key several times before I find one that I can read clearly. Still after two missed attempts, I'll not leave a comment. It is too frustrating.

Anyhow getting back to the "Spam" feature. I actually clicked on it today. All two thousand spams came up. I'd never been in there to clear it before. My first inclination was to hit check all and delete them, but a little voice in my head, old Abby again, told me not to.

I started started skimming and checking each comment in my folder. It only took an hour. I found sixteen bonafide messages that got misdirected. People who commented and signed their names but no link and were appropriate to the subject. These "anonymous" messages have since been reported as "not spam" and will appear on proper posts.

I'll do this weekly from here on out or daily as the need arises.

Have you checked your Spam folder lately?


  1. Jo,
    That's a lot of spam messages to go through! I've only had 2 in the entire time my blog's been up. Something about your reader numbers vs. mine. ; )

    1. That's the advantage/disadvantage of keywords. I also have a greater than 300 hits per day on here. The higher the traffic; the higher the number of spams. I haven't checked it in almost two years also.


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